Create Your Own Look with Incredibles 2 and Juicy Juice

Thank you to Juicy Juice and Disney•Pixar for sponsoring this post.

All little boys want to feel like special, and with the new release of the latest Incredibles movie, they can see that dream come alive -- again -- on the big screen! My family was super excited that this flick is back with a raved-about sequel for the whole squad. We also learned that Juicy Juice is partnered up to make every kid feel "super" with branded juice projects that have the flavor and goodness that we've come to adore in their juice.

We were sent this fun Incredibles 2 package with some juice, some fun goodies, and a chance to show our super talents with some masks. My kids love dressing up in these simple masks and then zooming around the house as those with incredible abilities!

There are plenty of ways to expand upon this idea to help your kids look and feel special. You can try:

  • Using velcro tabs to attach a towel or pillowcase to an old shirt. It's a cape!
  • Painting kids' faces with dermatologist-approved paints
  • Putting together their own comic book, telling the story of how they were formed (Genesis story), their superpowers, and the challenges they've overcome
  • Hang up a list of super-tasks to conquer throughout the week. Whether it's finishing a book or taking out the trash, kids feel good when they get recognized for their accomplishments and can "check" off the list.
What fun ways can you think of to help your kids feel super?

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That's Incredible!