4 Essential Elements of a Great Home Study Environment

One of the ways to help your child succeed in their future career is by giving them access to knowledge. You can contribute to their future success by creating a good study space. Whether they do their homework or study with homeschooling, these four essential elements of a great home study environment can help them be more efficient and productive.

1. No Distractions

Devices such as TVs, smartphones, video game consoles, or music players can make your children distracted, pulling them away from their homework and study. To help your kids stay focused, limit or remove these gadgets. For example, you can move the devices to another room or block social network sites and instant messaging. Oxford Learning Centres, Inc. gives these 10 tips from the experts to help your children avoid distractions while studying .

2. Houseplants

Breathing fresh and clean air is important to perform better in any task. In fact, a recent study confirmed air pollution and poor home learning environment can influence early cognitive skills in children . You can reduce the air pollution in the room by adding some houseplants that can clean up the air . Some can even pull out humidity or toxins to further purify the air, while others don't produce pollen, so they don't cause allergies.

3. HVAC System

Houseplants are not enough to create the perfect indoor climate and safest home study space. Even keeping the windows open is not sufficient, because the outside air is not totally clean. Therefore, you should use devices such as indoor air quality monitors and purifiers that clean up the air (for example, by removing unpleasant smells, mold, and dust).

In addition, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality impacts the student health and academic performance . For this reason, you may consider installing an HVAC system. If you already have one, check if you need a repair or maintenance service to fix or improve it.

4. Consistent Workspace

Whether your children use a desk or communal table, everything must be well organized, available, and placed always in the same way. This means that all the material must be at their fingertips (books, dictionary, paper, pencils, eraser, calculator, etc.). Moreover, they have to study in the correct posture and proper place, with a comfortable chair and functional storage containers. This will make their home study easier and more productive.

On the other hand, what would happen if your children have to go around continuously to find what they need? What would the result be if they always lay down on the floor, bed, or couch? They will get distracted and play a more passive role in the learning process.

In summary, education and knowledge can help your children have a successful career. An excellent way to achieve that is by creating a great home study environment which includes an efficient study space, good habits, as few distractions as possible, and fresh and clean air that makes it easy to breathe.

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