August STEM Review: The Magic School Bus Science Kit

We're here with another month of the STEM science kit review series with the Magic School Bus science kit subscription service. This month, we studied Solids, Liquids, and Gases. (These kits were sent to us to review by the kind folks at The Young Scientists Club.)

We made our gas to fill this balloon

First, you get everything you see in this kit. Like the other kits, you need very few items from your own pantry, but be sure to read through the experiments first so you don't end up realizing it at the last minute! For this kit, we needed things like milk, vinegar, baking soda, and soda water.

Things we covered in this kit included... creating gases in various forms from ordinary household objects. (See the balloon experiment above.) We watched raisins "float" and created a solid from milk!

Milk becomes a solid

This kit was a bit different in that my kids had already seen many of the experiments in day-to-day applications. (The gross, solid white curdles in the bottom of the sippy cup left under the seat in the car, for example, was a real-life version of one of the experiments.) What the kit did well, however, was explain the "why" for some of these everyday occurrences, and helped the kids see the science in the every day!

Making fizz with tablets

Topics covered in this kit include:

  • Dancing Raisins
  • Making Gas
  • Fizzing Tablet
  • Milk Goop
  • Making Goop
  • Making Slime
  • Making a Bouncy Ball
One of the other fun features of this kit is that kids are already aware of the "making slime" craze. But slime kits can be expensive and don't always tell the science behind what happens. This kit includes a slime experiment that can be done even after the kit is used up, as well as a fun "make a bouncy ball" experiment that kids will likely want to repeat, as well.

This was one of our favorite kits to do, and I especially enjoyed that there was little prep time needed, and the experiments could be completed the same day. Very hands-on, too, so you can have many children do the experiments!

You can sign up to get this kit (as well as the others in the series) here. We will be sharing our experience trying one kit a month in reviews this year, as well! (Don't miss our previous kit reviews of fossils and fungus!