Serious Stains and How to Fight Them

This laundry stain guide is sponsored by BIZ. Opinions are my own. 

No one could prepare me for what life would be like with five sons. The laundry situation would be very overwhelming if it wasn't for two very important rules in our house:

1) All of the boys must help wash, fold, or put away laundry.
2) Always put BIZ in each load of laundry -- no exceptions.

I actually just started using BIZ on the regular this year, but it's made my laundry routine so much easier. We have a working farm, and my kids love playing outside (usually in the mud) so stains are common. Here are how I handle my top six stains here at the Knerl house:

Blood - My boys aren't really the rough-and-tumble type, but we still get the occasional bloody nose or scraped knee. Thankfully, running the clothing item under cold water to get out the blood -- then pre-treating with liquid BIZ helps. I can then toss it into the load at the hottest temp for the clothing color and type, along with the normal amount of my regular laundry soap and a capful of Biz. Takes blood out almost every time!

Ketchup - Yeah, this is a very common stain here. I pre-treat and toss in the wash. It can sit for a few days, even, and the ketchup usually comes right out in the wash. (Works most of the time with mustard, too!)

Grass Stains - This is the toughest stain! Use the direction for ketchup, and be ready to wash up to two times. It works, though.

Poo - Yep. Whether you are using cloth diapers or just have a potty-training accident, BIZ is a lifesaver (or pants saver, anyway.) When the items gets soiled, dump solids down the toilet, then fill a mop bucket dedicated to diapering up to the top with hot water and a capful of BIZ. Allow the item to sit in the bucket until you are ready to laundry (up to a day.) Pour the soiled water down the toilet, then immediately transfer the soiled item to the washing machine to wash in the hottest water you can. Wash it alone the first time with detergent and a capful of BIZ. If it needs a second washing (they usually do, you can add other laundry on the second round.)

We wash up to three loads of laundry a day. With seven in the house, plus towels, and work clothes, it can get pretty nasty in our laundry room. Luckily, BIZ keeps the work to a minimum, and all of our stuff is clean and smells amazing when washed. From bath towels to work socks, BIZ has been my best buddy these days.

Find out all of the products available from BIZ (the liquid is my fave) at their website.