Review: Science-Art Fusion: Explosions Kit from the Young Scientists Club

We're approaching the time of year when the doldrums of homeschool can really set in. Kids get bored, and parents need a new way to teach them STEAM basics. That's why we were excited to pull out the Science-Art Fusion: Explosions kit from the Young Scientists Club that we had been sent to review. This new-to-us product seemed like a good way to inject a little fun into our science curriculum.

The kit came with quite a few of the items needed to do the experiments, such as the measuring tools (cups and droppers), test tubes, and instructions. I recommend you read the instructions for the art activities ahead of time, however, as most all of them need items from the home. We actually ran out of red food coloring, which this kit relies on heavily. Make sure you have all the colors of dye needed before you start!

This kit is designed for kids in the elementary grades and not suitable for kids under 3. I would recommend that an adult to the experiments with the kids, especially if younger ones are around. Since food coloring can stain, it's best to have a little extra help with dealing with spills. The rocket experiment, in particular requires an adult to do some of the steps.

This kit combines art theory and science concepts in a wonderful way. Ideas that kids will learn include:

  • Newton's 1st law
  • The colors of the rainbow
  • What makes a surfactant
  • Chemical reactions
  • and more!

There are a total of 10 experiments in all! Do test tube explosions, volcanic explosions, milk color explosions, and so much more.

I really liked doing this kit, and since so many of the supplies come from your home (and the things that the kit providers are generally reusable), you can do these experiments again and again!

Find this kit, as well as the other kits in the series here. You can also buy them at Amazon!