Clean those Holiday Sweaters at Home? Yes, You Can

This post is sponsored by Dryel. Opinions are my own.

It's holiday time, and that means fun, holiday sweaters!

While I loved buying a few fun ugly Christmas sweaters, I was a bit worried about how to clean them. I live in a very rural area, with no dry cleaners. I also didn't quite have the budget to invest in regular professional cleanings. Fortunately, I remembered back to when I worked an office job in my 20's. I had to wear suits every day. I relied on Dryel to spot clean and freshen my wardrobe between professionals cleanings (and in some cases, completely replace the dry cleaning experience.)

Could this trick work for my growing number of "holiday sweaters" in my closet? Yes. I no longer have to wonder if Dryel would be a good option for keeping those fresh between holiday parties (and also get rid of those spills and stains that happen during Happy Hour.) It is perfect for the task.

Today, I'm happy to see that, although Dryel has updated its packaging, it still holds up against everyday dirt and keeps my delicates cleaner, longer. Here's how it works:

1. Treat the stains. If you have any visible stains, spots, or spills, use the included pen to pretreat the area. You don't have to wait until you're ready to dry the load -- in fact, it's best to apply the pre-treater as soon as you know you've created a spot. (Carry it in your purse if you're heading out on your holiday sweater.)

2. Put it in the bag. You can put up to five pieces of clothing into the included Dryel bag (varies by size of items), along with a Dryel cleaning cloth. Tumble dry on medium heat for at least 15 minutes -- and up to 30. Your clothes will get freshened up with the steam that comes from the dryer-activated cleaning cloth!

4. Hang. Get the clothes out of the bag immediately and hang in your closet. If wrinkles remain, the Dryel Wrinkle spray works wonders. Remember, Christmas sweaters can develop "pointy" shoulders if they are hung on the wrong kind of hanger. Look for a hanger that's designed to handle the weight of a sweater without leaving dents in the fabric.

5. Wear. Rock your holiday sweater with pride, knowing it's stain-free and smells awesome!

Learn more about Dryel at the website. And enjoy the holidays.