Helpful Holiday Tips for the Overwhelmed Mom

This tips list is sponsored by BIZ. Opinions are my own.

We have just recovered from Thanksgiving, but there's lots of holiday activity ahead of us. If you're a mom and are already feeling tired from all the planning, cooking, and shopping, don't fret! It's really something you can manage, if you use some tried and tested tips for taking everything a day at a time. I have six of my own kids, and I'm prepared to use every tool available to me to get the holidays done right.

Here are my favorite tips for dealing with all that Christmas and New Year's require:

1. Enlist the kids. 

While the under 6's will need tending, there's no reason that the older kids can't help. I have mine wipe counters, peel potatoes, switch out laundry loads and handle anything that's safe and can't get messed up. It's so much easier with kids helping in the kitchen and household. Remember, that busy kids can't cause trouble. If they are busy washing dishes, they can't make messes I have to clean up later.

2. Pre-treat everything.

Messes are so much easier to clean up when you give them time for treatment. That's why I put a little hot water and dish soap in all my stubborn casserole dishes and BIZ laundry booster on all spots and stains that collect on clothing, tablecloths, and blankets. Seriously, you can get so much more done this way. Giving items even 15 minutes to sit with a pre-treater helps get grime out and saves money on water and electricity. You can wash shorter loads and get more done!

3. Lower expectations.

If you're headed into the holidays with a beautiful Pinteresty landscape in mind, just stop it now. You'll probably get 30% of your dream holiday accomplished, and that is OK. Instead of freaking out over how your pudding turned out or if there's a beautiful space in the home for family photos, look at what you have this year -- and give thanks for it. Healthy kids are my number one blessing, everythign else is just icing on the cake.

4. Make music.

Do you know what can turn my negative attitude around in a second? Great music. My son loves the Beatles, and my husband loves Third Day. We get everyone's favorite upbeat hits on a playlist that we listen to while working, cooking, and cleaning. Yes, you can listen to Christmas music, if you want, but I've been hearing it everywhere for a week now. I love good tunes that have timeless appeal. Listen to what inspires you!

Remember, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference. Assemble what you need to get the job done, and keep plenty of BIZ on hand for the "after holiday" cleanup. I guarantee, you'll appreciate it! Learn more about my favorite stain remover and pre-treater here.