New Year, New Games with Wonderforge Incredibles Save the Day and BRIO Labyrinth

What fun gifts did my kids love most under the tree this year? Games. It didn't matter what age the child, games were the one thing that ended up getting the most play after all the tinsel was picked up and the wrapping paper recycled.

Two of the game titles most adored by the family were made by BRIO and Wonderforge, and they were so impressive that I would consider getting this as do-over gifts for the any returned Christmas gifts. They would also make adorable Valentine's or Easter presents!

Take Along Labyrinth

BRIO has been impressing us with their wooden maze games since the 40's. Now, they have perfected a take-along version for younger kids who want to experience the challenge of a maze game. Designed for puzzlers as young as 3, this is a durable and engaging toy that keeps kids busy for hours. Finish getting the metal ball through the maze, then flip it over and try again. It's small enough to stick in a purse or backpack and is made to last many years. It's perfect for fans of critical thinking development toys and tools. Learn more here or get it for under $30 at Amazon.

The Incredibles Save the Day! Board Game

Is there anything better than family game night, especially when you can have four brothers all playing a game together? We loved trying out the new Incredibles Save the Day! board game from Wonderforge. The game, which is licensed to include all of the Incredibles characters we know and love is a fast-paced game for kids age 6-11. Choose from being Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Violet, or Dash, and roll the adorable Jack-Jack Die for unexpected good times! 

Gameplay was engaging but simple, and my kids were up and running within minutes. The game rewards problem-solving and teamwork -- something we really value in games. It also values individual gifts, letting the kids pick which of the characters in the game is best-suited to solve the problem so that everyone can win the day! The game features fun teleportation themes (jumping from spot to spot on the 3D game board) and there are some famous villains, too (Underminer, Bomb Voyage). Sidekicks make a cameo as well; my kids adore that Edna Mode shows up!

If you're looking for a game that teens, tweens, and younger kids will all enjoy, this is it! Learn more here, or get it at Amazon for under $20!

*Samples received for review. Opinions are our own.