Big Spring Break Moments with Juicy Juice

Thank you to Juicy Juice for sponsoring this opportunity to tell you about fun Spring Break ideas. Opinions are my own.

Spring break never used to mean that much to me. As homeschoolers, we take breaks whenever we want, and we often avoid going out to places during spring break because of crowding. This spring, however, my college-aged daughter was back to see us, and we had to do something special.

One of our favorite winter/fall destinations is the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. This world-class location has everything you'd want to see in any weather, including a desert dome, indoor rain forest, and a swamp! My kids and I enjoy visiting on about any weekday, and we took the opportunity to use the warmest day of our Spring Break to see the animals!

If you're frugal, like we are, you know that buying zoo admission can get pricey. We pay the same for annual membership as we do for a single-day pass for each of our kids. Buying the membership was just a portion our day's duties, however. We needed snacks and drinks!

While filling up water bottles at the zoo is a must, we treat the kids to one sweet drink for the way to the zoo. With a one-hour drive ahead of us, it's nice to give the children something they like, but that is good for them, too. What's better than 100% juice? Not much.

So, we packed a big bag of fruit, healthy snack mix, and some Juicy Juice 100% juice boxes. My kids like the Orange Tangerine. (I do, too!)

Full of energy and hope, we had an amazing day with our family. Spring breaks may be a bit more rushed than they used to be, but with our family only getting back together to be in one place during the holidays, these outings seem to mean much more, too.

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They all sound like a great way to build relationships with the kiddos, don't they?

What did your family do for Spring Break? Be sure to pack some Juicy Juice to have on hand for thirsty kids!