Brightech Lightview LED Lamp Clamp Review and Giveaway

As a homeschool mom to five boys, we do lots of crafts, hobbies, and creative things in the home. I have a child that loves doing models with tiny brick pieces to look like world monuments.

I have another who puts together pieces of paper to create realistic replica costumes. Another boy sketches for all hours of the day -- and night!


One challenge for my boys is getting enough light in their workspaces and also having a good view of the tiny pieces that they may be working with. We had looked at getting a magnifying lamp for a few months and were thrilled when Brightech asked us to review one. We also have a chance for you to win one!

Here's what we LOVE about the product:

1. It clamps onto any table or countertop with a very sturdy clamp.
2. The light source is powerful but soft enough that it doesn't hurt your eyes while working for long periods.
3. The magnification is more than adequate for jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring books, models, tiny crafts, and detailed work.
4. It easily swings back and forth (as well as up and down) to get into perfect position for your height and the project you're working on.

You do not have to be doing detailed work to like this lamp. Anyone who worries about eye strain, needs to see better (it's great for reading), or wants extra light in their workspace will love this. Use just the lamp portion without looking through the magnification lens. It works as a normal lamp, too!

More about the lamp:
The Brightech Lightview Pro LED Magnifying Clamp Lamp was designed for anyone who needs to constantly focus close up or anyone with vision problems such as aging eyes or macular degeneration. This lamp boasts a 5-inch diameter glass lens that will bring hard to see details into clear, sharp focus. It magnifies up to 225% magnification without getting hot so that you can enjoy your work and hobbies with joy and ease.

Wanna Win? Enter the giveaway to get your own Brightech Lightview LED Lamp Clamp here. You have until April 10th to get your entries in. Good luck! 

(Product and prizing received by Brightech. Opinions are our own.)