Review of Gator Hard-Sided Electric Guitar Case from VMInnovations

My son purchased his first electric guitar this year. The beautiful Fender arrived in perfect condition. And then his little brother knocked it over. While chips and dings can give a guitar character, we weren't willing to have any more accidental damage to my son's most prized possession. We started looking around for hard-sided guitar cases, and came across this beauty sold by VMInnovations and made by Gator.

After VMInnovations contacted us to review it, we couldn't say "no." We have been a happy affiliate for them for years, and we were eager to see what the fuss was about. Gator has quite the reputation for making durable cases that can go the distance.

First, the design. It's a very straight-forward black, hard-sided case with lots of room for a standard-sized electric guitar. My son's Telecaster fit inside just perfectly.

This case offers a very plush, yet firm interior. You don't have to worry about it scratching the finish on your guitar, even when on a bumpy ride!

In addition to being a very sturdy case, the locks and latches on the exterior are of the best construction. They snapped shut firmly, and I really liked that it came with one locking latch that can only be opened with the included keys. You can opt to use the lock -- or not. It's nice having it as an option.

There is also a permanent address tag on the side. You can either use a Sharpie or other permanent marker to put your contact info on, tape a business card, or slap a mailing label sticker on it, if you don't want to permanently affix your info. I plan on handing this guitar case down to a few kids over the next decade, so we probably won't be writing directly on the case. It's a nice feature, though.

I like that there's a strap to keep the back lid from falling completely open. This is useful to keep the weight of the guitar in place. You do not want the top lid flopping open, and causing your entire case and guitar to flip off the top off a counter or your bed. This is just another thoughtful detail I'm glad Gator included. 

There's room inside for a few accessories, including your strap, picks, tuner, and a few other things. The way the inside is compartmentalized makes for easy access, but doesn't allow the stuff to jangle around inside. It's a well-built case. I'd recommend this for anyone wanting to keep their guitar safe and sound on a long journey, or just at home under the bed.

VMInnovations offers a wide variety of musical supplies. It's perfect for the musician or homeschooler on a budget since they offer up to 40% off MSRP prices! Be sure to check them out! They have fast FREE shipping and excellent customer service! Once you place your order, you'll get immediate confirmation and emails every step of the tracking process. We have been very happy with the items we've purchased through them over the years.