5 Picture-Perfect Opportunities for Homeschooling Families in Colorado Springs

Thanks to Visit Colorado Springs for sponsoring this conversation. Opinions are our own.

Can you believe that I have five growing boys in our homeschool? While we try to give them a blend of activities to spark interest in a variety of topics, our adventures almost always lead us back to one thing: history. With that in mind, we would love to offer our favorite destinations for homeschool families who will be visiting the Colorado Springs area.

While there is lots to do there, the historic destinations are sometimes overlooked. There's such a rich background to explore!

1. Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

We love exploring pioneer towns and museums, so we were thrilled to learn that the community has restored the El Paso County Courthouse to showcase the vibrant culture of the Pikes Peak region with amazing exhibits and programs. Take the kids anytime from 10am - 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. It's free to everyone and is a beautiful example of how to display artifacts and memories from decades of history.

Parent Tip: You'll appreciate that this accredit museum is open and welcoming of families. They have a dedicated Children's Gallery exhibit that encourages hands-on interaction and teaches kids about those who lived and worked along the Sante Fe Trail in the 1800's.

2. Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience

As a mom who has taken her kids across the country in search of history and culture, I have one sure-fire tip to get your children on board with learning: include dinosaurs! The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience is a worthy destination that will pique the interest of all ages. You could spend an entire day here, with all that there is to do!

Enjoy active time on a ropes course and dinosaur wild walk (the animatronic dinosaurs are so lifelike!) Experience hands-on learning the kid-friendly paleo lab. See what a day in the life of your favorite dino looked like with the immersive theater experience. Even little ones can do their own sand dig for toy fossils. A large portion is indoors, so hot weather can't slow you down.

Parent Tip: While this destination is totally educational, they've made it easy to refuel and recharge with on-site refreshments and supplies. They offer gourmet drip coffees for sale, so parents can get some pep back in their step after a long day.

3. The Airplane Restaurant

What's more rewarding than sitting down to a yummy meal of burgers or baby back ribs? How about when it's served INSIDE an authentic 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker plane. This plane seats over 40 guests in a sit-down restaurant with classic diner fare and a few adventurous treats, as well.

Parent tip: While it's pretty neat that kids will be inside an actual, historical plane of this size, the real treat is the memorabilia and decor. With an eye on preserving the culture of one of our most successful aviation eras, there are photos, signs, and authentic items of interest displayed to keep kids asking more about this rich, historical treasure.

4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Have you ever been to a zoo on the side of a mountain? Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs and mark it off your Colorado bucket list! This fun, interactive zoo hosts many endangered species in natural habitat displays, giving kids a chance to see animals from the past that may not have been around without protection.

While there are too many things to do to mention them all here, all have been created with getting kids on board with conservation. They have made it incredibly easy for kids to feel involved, giving them many hands-on opportunities, such as feeding the giraffe herd and learning about what zoo staff does every day.

Parent Tip: Did we mention that they have rides? A historic carousel and sky-lift each give you unique views of the zoo. Don't forget to dress in layers. While there's lots to do here, the weather can get chilly. It's a mountain, after all!

5. Garden of the Gods Park

I feel like this last one counts as three destinations because it has a little bit of something for everyone. If nothing else, you'll really get your share of fresh air and exercise -- and if you have anything left in you, feel free to check out one of these 5 easy hikes for kids and their parents!

This Colorado Springs treasure is a registered National Natural Landmark with amazing views, pristine green spaces, towering rock formations, and a mountain display like no other. From a scientific standpoint, it's a day's worth of discussions at least. Kids will be intrigued by how it all came to be!

Parent tip: While the outdoor space is indescribable, there's a visitors center and shop to explore, too. The included museum is a nice spot to take a break from the outside elements and give kids hands-on learning to keep them engaged. There's even a theater showing film of how the park came to be, and hungry kids can nosh at the cafe.

If history isn't your passion, or you want to spend more time in the area exploring, consider creating a family itinerary with even more things to do in Colorado Springs. The city and surrounding venues are perfect for families of all ages and sizes -- whether you homeschool, or not!