Worlds of Fun Celebrates Grand Carnivale for a Family-Friendly Tour Around the World

If you've loved the idea of a Carnival celebration, the excitement of bands, and the collecting of beads, but didn't feel good about some of the adult-oriented partying that goes on with some the events, I have some amazing news for you.

World of Fun launched their Grand Carnivale event this summer, and it included all of the awesome things you've wanted from a Mardi-Gras style parade, plus a hint of Around the World in 80 days. All in the family-friendly setting and safe atmosphere that World of Fun is known for.

We were invited to come down to Kansas City, where the park hosted my five kids, hubby, and I for a day of rides and an evening of pure, ridiculous fun. There were mimes, jugglers, acrobats, musicians, artists, comedians, bands, food, a hot air balloon, parades, beads, streamers, lights, floats, and so many smiles. I wasn't sure if this was an event that would be accepted by a few of my kids, who sometimes get overwhelmed by loud noises and lots of moving activity, but the staff at Worlds of Fun was so great.

They took extra care to talk to the kids (even from way up high on stilts) and show love to everyone they met. I was so impressed by every detail and the way the crew there cared about families.

The event, which happens every evening now through August 4th, has so many things involved that I can't even list them all here. Just know that the street parade starts at 5pm, followed by several big things going on in the main square near the carousel. They will have singing and dancing and performers all throughout the park, but each area that's specifically part of the event is decorated by country. Just follow the flags to know if you're going to be enjoying the treasures of Germany or some fun festivities from France.

Bonus: If you have $30, plus tax, be sure to pick up a tasting pass. This allows you six tasting plates of your choice from any of the vendors participating in the event. These are set up special for Grand Carnivale, so they include dishes you can't get the rest of the year.

We got a pass and shared the foods so that everyone could get a taste of brats from Germany, Samosas from India, Crepes from France, and rice balls from Italy. There's lots to choose from, and if you get a pass for each person, you can enjoy a full meal complete with dessert. It was truly tasty and not something we would have done without it being so easy at the park.

(Check out our Insta story with even more photos and videos!)

Whatever you do, don't miss out! This is truly one of our favorite special events we've been to at Worlds of Fun, and we've enjoyed them all! Learn more about the celebration (and get your park passes here!)