31 Days to An Everyday Clean Home by Amy Clark Scheren

Since you’ve had kids, has your home become progressively messier and messier? Or, were you always a tad on the messy side, and this busy season of life has made the state of your home worse? If so, you’re not alone.

If you dream of having a clean home that is company ready on a regular basis, 31 Days to an Everyday Clean Home: One Month to Calm the Chaos and Simplify Your Life by Amy Clark Scheren may be just the book for you.

About 31 Days to an Everyday Clean Home

Each chapter is one day, and Scheren does not forget one area of your home where you may be dealing with messiness and clutter:


Day 1: Getting Started
Day 2: Morning Routine
Day 3: Afternoon and Evening Routine
Day 4: Laundry
Day 5: Dishes
Day 6: Kitchen Counters
Day 7: Refrigerator
Day 8: Pantry
Day 9: Clean Kitchen
Day 10: Menu Planning
Day 11: Entrances
Day 12: Hallways & Stairs
Day 13: Bathroom Surfaces
Day 14: Bathroom Storage
Day 15: Clean Bathroom
Day 16: Living Room Furniture
Day 17: Living Room Floor
Day 18: Dining Room Table
Day 19: Dining Room Furniture & Floor
Day 20: Clean Living Room & Dining Room
Day 21: Master Bedroom Furniture
Day 22: Master Bedroom Floor
Day 23: Master Bedroom Closets & Doors
Day 24: Clean Master Bedroom
Day 25: Kids’ Closets & Drawers
Day 26: Kids’ Room
Day 27: Clean Purse
Day 28: Weekly To Do List
Day 29: Calendar & Planning
Day 30: Mail & Bills
Day 31: Keeping Up

One More Thing

Scheren starts by introducing the topic that it’s harder to clean up than catch up. So, for each day, after she introduces the topic and gives suggestions for organizing and cleaning up, she lists three stages of your work:

Set Up: This is the time when you look at your current system, analyze how well it’s working for you, and then decide on a new system, if need be.

Catch-Up: This is usually the largest section and offers step-by-step advice on cleaning up the area that you’re working on.

Keep-Up: Once you’ve worked hard on cleaning up the mess, this section helps you maintain the new level of clean so that you don’t have a messy area again.

How You Could Use This eBook

If you follow this book, step-by-step, you will undoubtedly have a cleaner home in one month. So, it’s valuable as is.

But, once you have your home in tip top shape, you can use all of the steps in each section to create your own detailed daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning chore chart, perfect for keeping you on track, but also good for developing a chore chart for your children.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not naturally a tidy person, this ebook will help you step-by-step to organize and clean your home. Once you’re there, this ebook helps you learn how to keep up your clean home because keeping up is much easier than cleaning up.