Perpetually Prepped Kitchen by Jennifer Mason: A Book Review

By Melissa Batai

If your schedule is jam-packed as most families’ schedules are, you may find yourself without a dinner plan night after night, forcing you to either go through the drive-thru or make boxed food for your family. Not only is this expensive, it’s also not healthy for your family.
Jennifer Mason used to be like that until one day she resolved to stop wasting money and come up with a system to get a homecooked meal on the table for her family every night. She was successful (after a few months of trial and error), and now she shares her method with others in her ebook, Perpetually Prepped Kitchen: The Simple Method for Meals in Minutes .

This ebook has three parts:

Part I: The Perpetually Prepped Method

This section contains eight steps so that you are never without a meal again.
  • Step One: Create Your Meal Plan A
  • Step Two: Create Your Plan B
  • Step Three: Plan Your Prep Time
  • Step Four: Plan and Shop
  • Step Five: Prepare for Anything
  • Step Six: Expand Your Pantry Baskets
  • Step Seven: Build New Habits
  • Step Eight: Putting It All Together
Mason uses a variety of strategies to make sure she is always prepared to make a meal for her family including assembling pantry meal baskets (literally baskets that she keeps in her pantry that each contain all the ingredients that she needs for one complete meal), prepping individual ingredients to put in the refrigerator and freezer, and making freezer meals.

Mason also encourages readers to shop from the pantry to save money, and, most importantly, to create new habits that are healthier and cheaper than going through the drive-thru.

Part II: The Recipes

This part of the ebook includes 14 pantry basket recipes. Mason generally makes three to five pantry basket meals a month, so using that amount, there are enough recipes for approximately three months. These recipes can also serve as a springboard to give you an idea of what other recipes your family likes that you can turn into pantry meal baskets.

Part III: Appendices

This part includes 27 pages of printables such as goals, freezer inventory, keep it in stock list, grocery list, etc. One particularly handy one is Quick Freezer Meals ideas. On this sheet, Mason offers a mix and match style meal where you can choose one protein that you have on hand, and then a few other items to add to make the meal Mexican, Italian or Homestyle, and finally, seasonings to add.

Final Thoughts

If you scramble to get dinner on the table every night, this ebook can help you successfully do so with minimal prep. Pantry meal baskets are a novel approach to having meals ready in just minutes, which we could all benefit from.