Could Harkla's New Sleep Solutions Help Your Child Get a Better Night's Sleep?

Our house makes it hard to sleep. We have a lot of people living in it, and our various sleep schedules mean that those of us who want to sleep on time, often have difficulties. This includes our children. A few of them have experienced sleep-walking, sleep-talking, and night-waking through various stages in their lives. Our latest with issues is 6-year-old Manny. He has developed a pattern of getting up a few hours after falling asleep, running into the living room, crying, and not being quite "awake." We have to hold him until his confusion ends. This was happening every night.

When Harkla approached us with a kid version of some natural sleep remedies, I was the first to say "yes, please!" Manny's sleep issues were keeping us all from having a good night's sleep -- and it was worrying, too!

I already take an adult melatonin product that also contains a mixture of natural things, and it works so well for me! I was hoping that someone would come along and make a product that was safe for kids. Harkla came through, and we have been using the products for over a week. Here's what we know:

There are two separate supplements, made for sensitive kids (like Manny!) They are designed to help kids over 4 with nervous disorders, autism, night wakings, or other issues. They have helped Manny go to sleep, stay asleep, and feel refreshed in the morning. He is far less moody, and we are all getting better sleep!

These all-natural sleep supplements are sugar-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free. They are chewable, but if your kids have difficulty with the taste or texture, you can crush them up and put them in juice or snacks. (I think they taste fine, but sensitive kids can be picky about such things.)

What's in them?

Each product is designed to do different things. We experimented with one, then both, and found that a combination of the two worked best for Manny. Every child is unique, however, and you'll want to try different things until you find something that works best for you.

What is in the Harkla “Relax” Supplement? 

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • L-Theanine
  • Lavender Leaf Powder
  • Chamomile Extract

What is in the Melatonin formula?


I love that Harkla separated out the blend from the melatonin. This gives parents a choice in how they want to help their child. You can use one or both -- as needed -- to give your child exactly what they need to sleep, and nothing else. 

Who is Harkla? 

If you remember, they made the amazing weighted vest we reviewed awhile back. We also just received one of their new weighted blankets, and we are having such a good result with it, too! They really know how to support families with special needs children, but their products are perfect for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.

Did you know? 

1% of every sale is donated to the University of Washington Autism Center to support Seattle families and cutting edge research on Autism. All products get a lifetime guarantee, too!

Learn more about the new sleep products here. While you're there, use offer code Lille-Punkin
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*I received a sample of this to review. Opinions are my own.