Inspiring Future Farmers with Farmer's Dynasty for XBox One and PS4

My kids have always wanted to farm. Actually, my husband has too -- and even though we only have 4 acres of our own, this family loves to take the things we learned as the kids of rural farmers and put them to work on our own homestead.

While it's hard to watch people in the fields across the way running combines this time of year, there's a new game coming on November 21st that seems to do a pretty good job of giving you a simulated farming experience that's an accurate representation of the real thing. There's a community aspect that I'm eager to learn about, too.

You can see the trailer for Farmer's Dynasty here:

From looking at the video, it's apparent that they've done a lot of research into how farm machinery and implements work, what the terrain would be like to drive on, and how farming is more than planting things and watching them grow. I can't wait to take this new game out for a spin when it comes out later this month.

If you have big or little kids (or spouses, too) that have always wanted to get their boots muddy, this may be the game for you. Watch for it on Xbox One and PS4 on the 21st from Bigben! Check them out on Twitter and YouTube -- and stop back here to see what we think in our upcoming review.