Learn About the Natural Word in a Fun Way with Bee Simulator for Xbox One

Pollinators are an essential part of our world. Without animals like bees, we wouldn't have food, agriculture, and life! One fun way for kids to learn about bees is through a new game Bee Simulator, which we received to review to play on the Xbox One from Varsav Game Studios and BIGBEN.

My 9-year-old spent the most time playing this game, which has amazing graphics, neat music, and educational facts peppered throughout so that they are getting more knowledge about bees while they explore, compete in challenges, and meet in-game goals. Gameplay is done from the perspective of a bee, with the player seeing everything a bee would see, including "bee vision!"

The game can be played with more than one player, so my 6-year-old has joined him for a friendly competition. This gave both of my kids a way to learn about the relationship between bees, nature, and people, too! There were even some "bad guys" in the game -- wasps -- which gave the gameplay a little more tension and excitement. Collect pollen, and interact with your fellow bees, the queen and with other animal species. Explore Honey Park at your leisure, a world inspired by Central Park.

This game is appropriate for kids of all ages, but adults will have fun playing, too. I think it's a unique way to game and also get an informal education about pollinators. This would make a great homeschool science option when you need a break from textbooks.

The best way to see how engaging and beautiful this game is would be to show this trailer:

While we played on Xbox One, it's also availabe on PC, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™. Buy it where video games are sold, including Amazon