Slash Your Grocery Bill by Crystal Paine: A Book Review

If you’re like most Americans, the high price of groceries is putting a serious dent in your wallet. You make like to reduce your grocery shopping but find it difficult to do using your current shopping methods. Luckily, Crystal Paine, the blogger behind Money Saving Mom, who regularly feeds her family of five for just $70 a week, has a new ebook, Slash Your Grocery Bill: 25 Tried and True Practices, which will likely help you save money.

What’s In Slash Your Grocery Bill

This book contains 25 sections, each one its own money-saving tip. These tips are in-depth and cover two to five pages each. For instance, one tip is to menu plan, but she doesn’t just say to menu plan or give one way to menu plan. Instead, she gives multiple ways to menu plan so that you can find the right way to menu plan that works for you and your family.

What’s Not in Slash Your Grocery Bill

Even more important is what’s not in this book. Paine does NOT tell you to slash your grocery bill with coupons, so you won’t have to spend hours clipping coupons and chasing deals. You won’t be buying food that you bought for pennies on the dollar even though your family doesn’t really like that kind of food. You won’t be stocking up your pantry, looking like you should appear in the next episode of Extreme Couponers.

Instead, Paine urges moderation. Know the lowest prices for the items that you typically buy and the sales cycle so when you stock up at the rock bottom price, you only buy enough to carry you through to the next sale when you can buy it at the rock bottom price again.

To further encourage you not to go crazy when stocking up on the deals, Paine suggests setting a grocery budget (at a number you choose, not one Paine recommends), and not going over that budget, even for a killer deal.

Save $50 in Just 4 to 8 Hours a Month

Using her strategies, Paine estimates you can save at least $50 on your grocery bill per month in just four to eight hours. Keep in mind, included in those four to eight hours is your actual time spent grocery shopping. You’ll also spend some of that time making a price/sales cycle book, following deal blogs for your favorite stores, and making a menu plan. This is a reasonable time investment to save $50 or more.

One More Bonus

At the end of the book, Paine includes six more ways to save which include a $25 a week menu plan and grocery shopping list for one or two people. Sure, the menu is not exciting, but it’s healthy, nutritious, and frugal. If you or someone you know is in a tight spot, this will help immensely.
My guess is that you will easily recoup your money spent on this ebook within the first month of grocery shopping following Paine’s strategies. Even if you’re experienced at finding good deals at the grocery store, you will likely find some tips here that you can use to save even more.