Brighten up the holidays with two new LED light products for kids!

When the lights go out, some gets get anxious. We've been dealing with a bit of that in our home, and with some fun, new products on the market, it's been easier to get them back into bed. We were sent two products that we would consider to be pretty "bright" ideas to review.

One of them is the SleepyLights from Aloka. The robot design we received is perfect for anyone who loves friendly robots, and this product has it all!

It comes with a remote control, the light base, the robot top, a charging cord, and batteries, too -- so you can use it right out of the box!

Set up took just minutes, with this guy ready to light up a room in no time. Just look at three of the dozen available colors that you can program it to shine:

Kids can set the lights to the color they want, or switch it to Rainbow mode to have it change colors randomly. You can adjust the brightness and use a timer to keep it from shining all night and to save energy. The light is cool to the touch and is safe for kids ages 3 and up!

This product comes in robot, owl, butterfly, mermaid, and other designs, too. It stands 8" tall for a nice addition to the nightstand or a shelf. Get it for $29.99 from Amazon and other retailers!

We also received a fun "donut" themed Emoji-Notes Color & Shine craft kit. This is erasable gadget that comes with dry erase markers so you can customize it anyway you want. When done, put it into the LED base, and turn it on for a personalized shine to brighten up a room or use as a nightlight. It has a sleep mode with 2% brightness so it's not distracting for those trying to rest at night, and it has a 60-minute timer that shuts off automatically -- saving on power! It sets up just as easy as the SleepyLights product, but this one is geared toward slightly older kids who can draw and want to custmzie their lights. It would make an excellent substitute for a notepad in a college dorm room, too!

This is just one version in the line, with the product costing $19.99. Snag one in Cell Phone, Donut, Ice Cream, and Cupcake designs. Each comes with 7-themed emoji discs, too. Get it at Amazon.

*Samples received for review. Opinions are our own.


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