Lightmatter: A 12-year-old's game review

The following Lightmatter review was done by my 12-year-old son -- a gaming enthusiast. Note that there are a few spoilers, so watch for those! Thanks to Tunnel Vision Games for letting us try this game before release date!

Tech note: This game was tested on an HP Pavilion desktop gaming PC with a Ryzen 7 processor. 

Lightmatter Review

Parent note: While this game is marketed as a horror puzzle game, it's appropriate for ages 10 and up and is rated E10+. I would think it would be good for any gamer that can master the mechanics of it. Very futuristic and creepy! 


It is absolutely beautiful. It’s very simplistic, but I’ve noticed that the shadows are a bit pixelated on the edges as the game progressed. I don’t know if that’s because of me playing the “press” version or not. The dangerous shadow has a cool liquid effect like in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The “Light matter” that come from the “Mother sources” looks beautiful, but I have noticed that you as a character does not have a shadow. I don’t mind it much, because I’m guessing that was to help with level design and physics would have issues because your own shadow would be dangerous. I love the way the tether of light goes red when it’s about to break. I love the way you had the red and white lights it just sets the mood for all sorts of things.


Once again, this is amazing story writing. I love games that have a narrator and then your character doesn’t say anything. It has a very simplistic but satisfying result. I love how Virgil seems like a good guy, but then you find tape recorders which have another lovely character Ellen telling you some things but still leaving loose ends. Then, of course, having a cat there makes people think “let's go find him!” It's kind of like “Marvel's Spider-Man” were you have to find all the pigeons. (You obviously know who your audience is.)


I love how, towards the end, you have to do more parkour timing things correctly. It reminds me of “Portal” -- which I’m guessing a lot of people are going to think the same thing. I love how you feel so heroic at the end, pulling all the switches to overload the crystal and when Ellen has a video of her telling you her plan to shut down the cameras. I also like when Virgil tries to stop you by dropping shipping containers and when he trapped you and was shutting the doors.

James had a redeemer’s arch and stopped Virgil from shutting the doors, and at the end when Virgil says he’ll give anything for you to stop, it makes you want to stop and think. (For me, I would have run to the last switch -- if you could sprint.)


I know that the audio is a VERY important thing in every game It sets the mood, and the music and audio quality was amazing. Every voice is very either mysterious and/or informative of the three characters that you hear (not counting the cat, of course) All the voice actors did a great job expressing emotion. It was a truly beautiful playthrough. I loved every second of it.


Of the five that they mention, (unless you wanna count you as the first person view as three: The Health inspector, The journalist, And the assistant), these are the characters:

  • James: Was a poor miner and got brought up with power. He has a sweet spot with his cat, but towards the end was redeemed by saving you. 
  • Ellen: This is a character you never truly know much about but guides you in the harder and more confusing times.
  • Arthur: Is another mysterious character. You never truly know what he did. You never hear him or see him --  you just hear what we think are lies about him from Virgil.  Every lie has a bit of truth, but he did discover the crystals.
  • Virgil: Lost his leg trying to climb the same mountain he built his lab under. He blames it on Arthur, but I don’t think it was him.

And of course, yourself as the player.


Light physics were beautiful. Again, like I said above, some of the shadows seemed to be a bit pixelated at the edges. Walking around was great. (Of course, I fell off into the dark abyss quite a bit). Jumping was very smooth. I love how you could climb onto the ledges.
I love how you can pick things up; it really helps out.

Final verdict: I give this game 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a must-buy! Find it in the Steam store.