Review of Sitka Salmon Shares Delivery

We live in the middle of Nebraska, that means means our seafood options are limited (and not always awesome.) When we were asked to try a delivery from Sitka Salmon Shares, I was in! Not only do we enjoy delicious, fresh-caught seafood that we can't get here in the Midwest, we adore the idea of a cooperative food project. We grow our own food here, often go into co-op arrangements with other for beef, and appreciate that these types of programs can sustain farmers and fisheries while giving people access to better food.

How does it work?

The fisherman catch the fish, one at a time and then have it processed the same day at their plant or their partners' plants. After that, it's blast-frozen and sent to your door via a delivery service or FedEx. Each month during fishing season, you'll get a box, provided you are signed up!

When the box arrived, I was elated! We got four very large pieces of fish: 2 lingcod, and 2 salmon. Both were caught in sustainable fisheries, and the name of the fisherman was even identified on the box. We saw that our delivery directly supported a small business person, which is a nice little perk to the program.

The fish was well-packaged, arrived frozen, and wasted no space in the freezer, thanks to the vacuum-sealed wrapper. When it was time to eat, we let it thaw in the fridge for a few hours (you can also try overnight) and then we cooked it in our pressure cooker on the steam setting.

Here's how I enjoyed the cod:

Set the cod pieces on foil, with a pat of butter and black pepper and garlic salt. Very simple.

Wrap the foil, set it on the steamer rack in my pressure cooker, and make sure there was a half cup of water in the bottom of the cooker.

Close the steam valve, set it to "steam" and allow it to do its work.

When it was finished, we have a delicious, moist, and flaky piece of whitefish with no "fishy" taste. It was a true treat!

My pictures from my iPhone can't quite do justice to this amazing catch. As someone who often gets fish from the Oregon coast from family members, I can attest to the fact that this tastes like I ate it the same day it was caught. It's a beautiful way for people all across the country to enjoy what the Alaskan coast has to offer.

Learn how you can sign up for the shares program today. They have specials going on, so don't delay! The fish varies by season, so you'll enjoy a wide range of dishes if you sign up. (They have recipes on their site, too.)

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*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.