Sparkling, Healthy Drinks for the Family: Review of Drinkmate

Pop. Soda. Whatever you call it, I love it. But, we don't buy it for our family. For one, it's expensive. It's also not that great for you.

That doesn't mean you have to forgo the bubbly, crisp goodness of a well-carbonated drink, however. We were given the chance to review the Drinkmate, a new way to carbonate a variety of beverages -- not just water!

Unlike some soda systems, the Drinkmate lets you carbonate already-flavored drinks. This is good for a few reasons. First, the soda flavoring you add after water is carbonated can be messy, costly, and doesn't always store well. The Drinkmate lets you carbonate liquid with the syrup in it already, so you have a wider range of options for what you want to drink, and there's much less mess.

Sometimes, you don't want to carbonate new things, you just want to add a bit of bubble to a drink that's already gone flat. That's the beauty of Drinkmate. Put life back into beer, or carbonate wine for a fizzy drink that's much cheaper to make at home.

Finally, we've gotten healthier with our drink choices since Drinkmate. One of my favorite drinks is a completely, sugar-free concoction that's made from one container of carbonated water with the Drinkmate, plus a packet of True Lemon or True Orange crystals. It's super yummy and helps me stick to my eating goals while enjoying the zest of citrus in a peppy drink.

Drinkmate uses the standard carbonation bottles you find in other drink systems, so if you're making the switch, you can use up the canisters that you have. One thing that really makes this system stand out is the unique bottle top, which helps you regulate the pressure in the bottle by slowly releasing extra gas buildup before you open. I feel like it's a safer way to carbonate, not to mention, you'll have fewer spill-overs from frothy drinks like beer or pop.

You can find the Drinkmate at their website. If you're into drinking better, saving money, or just making unique drinks for family and friends, it's worth checking out!

*Sample received to review. Opinions are our own.