How to Have a Fun Valentine’s Day at Home

By Melissa Batai

During the days when I was single, dating, and just married, I fell heavily into the commercialized Valentine’s Day hype.  However, one Valentine’s Day, my husband and I were driving home from a conference and found ourselves at a deserted Steak ‘n Shake.  Was it the most romantic restaurant?  No, but it was quiet, the service was great, and we had time to focus on one another instead of waiting two to three hours in a crowded restaurant lobby waiting for a table.  Since then, we’ve never gone out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Instead, we discovered how to have a fun Valentine’s Day at home.

Make a Meal Together

When was the last time you cooked together?  There’s something intimate and romantic about working together to create a meal.  Turn on some romantic music and get cooking.  To make this less mundane, choose a meal that you wouldn’t eat on a typical day.  Or, consider splurging and getting a box delivery service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron so you can make a completely unique meal.  You won’t miss the holiday crowds at the restaurant or the expense.  Don't forget to also make a sweet dessert!

Star Gaze

After the kids are in bed, take a blanket out in your yard, lie down, and look at the stars.  See how many constellations you can find.  Wait for a shooting star.  There is something about lying down together in the still of the night, watching the stars above that can make you feel more connected and reflective, which is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day at home.

Reminisce about Your Favorite Memories

Take the time today to talk about your favorite memories from when you were dating, just married, or when your kids were small.  You may have a good laugh, and there’s something heartwarming about shared memories.  Even better, your spouse may remind you of a memory you had forgotten or vice versa.

Have a Spa Night

Take the evening to focus only on one another.  Take a bubble bath and give one another a massage.  Who needs to go to the spa when you have one another at home?

Have a Game Night

Pick your favorite game or two and enjoy a night of play.  You’ll likely laugh and have a good time.  Instead of dinner, have a snack tray with cheese, fruit and crackers for uninterrupted play time.

Create a Bucket List

Dream big with your partner.  Each of you take about 30 minutes to create a bucket list separately.  Then, come back together and compare lists.  Discuss any other things you would like to add.  For more fun, make this an annual Valentine’s Day event and check off what you’ve accomplished and add new adventures you’ve thought of.

Watching Your Wedding DVD

If you had your wedding recorded, pull out the DVD and watch your special day together.  You’ll likely be surprised at how young you look and happy to see relatives that have passed on.  This is a perfect time to share memories and renew your bond.

Final Thoughts

We live in such a commercialized culture, you may wonder how to have a fun Valentine’s Day at home.  Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some ideas.  Who knows, in a few years, you may be like my husband and me and prefer to stay in for Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?