Journey Homeschool Academy: Experience Astronomy Science Class Review

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Science is a subject that we've found difficult to do well in our homeschool. There are so many options out there, but many of them take an incredible amount of time, or they aren't that engaging. Journey Homeschool Academy has made a new offering available for families that solves both of these problems. We had the chance to review their Experience Astronomy course for Elementary students. I'm excited to tell you what we think about it!

Journey Homeschool Academy Review 

What is Journey Homeschool Academy: Experience Astronomy Elementary Class?

When you sign up to buy the course, you get access to video lectures, printable lesson plans, notes, quizzes, copywork (in both print and cursive) and optional hands-on activities. There is also a link to buy supplemental items, such as the coursework printed out for you. A handy extra reading list is included, too. (You can have your kids check out the books from the library for even deeper learning, but these books are always optional.) Everything is beautifully-designed, too. (I usually print out things in black and white, but these had such a nice look to them that I used color ink!)

Who are the Journey Homeschool Academy science courses for?

Experience Astronomy is an Elementary level science course. I used it with my 10-year-old and my 6-year-old. The 10-year-old was able to watch the videos and complete all the coursework on his own (with some additional guidance for the projects), and my 6-year-old watched all the videos with us and joined in on the discussion. 

This course is based on Christian faith history and values. Expect to hear about Creation in the lectures and the content. Scripture is referenced in each lesson and was one of the things that my kids liked most about this course.

What did we like about this series of video lessons?

First, I have to say that I was blown away by the quality of the videos. We've watched dozens of science lectures and videos over the years, but this may have been the best series we've experienced. A few things really stuck out to me as we watched:

  • The presenter is engaging. He not only knows the topic, but he's excited to share it with you. You can tell he loves astronomy, and that love gets passed on through his presentation style.
  • The content is rich, and never talks down to kids. We fully believe that kids should be given access to as much material as possible, even at a young age, and that they will absort what resonates with them. This course gave so much fascinating information that my husband and I sat down to watch it with the kids. We were amazed that we learned a few things too.
  • The video quality, illustrations, and demonstrations are top-notch. Expect to see some content you won't see anywhere else, along with visual depictions of the some of the mroe confusing aspects of astronomy, like planet rotation, solstices, and more. 
One final bonus? This course addresses astronomy in context with history. The teacher frequently references things like the structures in Ancient Egypt and how they were built for viewing of the stars or sun. This is useful to not only drive home the point of how the sun, moon, and stars work, but also helps tie into other programs your kids might be using. (My children are studying ancient Egypt in their other curriculum, and this was perfect!) Of course, the teacher always brings back the topic to God's truth about science, and he compares and contrasts what people of Ancient Egypt may have believed vs. what Christians believe now.

What we would have liked

I can't believe how much we loved this program. After this review, we fully intend on purchasing the other courses. The only negative that we experienced was in the loading of the videos. Under normal circumstances, you could watch the videos with anything over 1Mb download speed with no issues (maybe even with less.) Unfortunately, there were times this summer where we had internet repairs done, and buffering of the video ahead of time would have saved us some frustration. There's no way that I can see to pre-load or download the videos for offline viewing or even queue up 5 minutes at a time for watching in "chunks." 

Because of this, it wasn't always accessible during times of laggy internet. Hopefully, this is something they address over time. It really is a terrific science option!

How we used it

This science class would make a great option for one lesson a week, but there were weeks my kids were excited to move on to the next lesson, and we did two a week. It's also possible to take breaks, when needed. This course is designed to go at your own speed and can be used with several children. 

Summary: Journey Homeschool Academy Experience Astronomy Review

For what you get, this class offers incredible value. The teacher is both knowledgeable and engaging, making it simple for even science-averse kids to forget they are learning and start having fun! The class can be as hands-off as you wish, making it good for working parents. With many optional reading lists and activities, however, it can also be stretched out into a full-year learning opportunity for fans of just about any homeschool curriculum style.

If a faith-based science astronomy course is your aim, but you want it to be heavy on actual science, history, and--most of all--fun, you can't go wrong with this program.

Journey Homeschool Academy Experience Astronomy FAQs

What ages is the Journey Homeschool Academy Astronomy Elementary course appropriate for?

The course is marketed to parents of kids in elementary. It is engaging enough for older kids, as well. Because there is copywork and tests that require reading, those with solid literacy skills will get the most out of it. Younger siblings may enjoy watching the videos, however. 

Note that this a separate course from the Astronomy course offered for junior high and high schoolers.

When do the Journey Homeschool Academy science courses expire?

Some courses, like those for highschoolers, provide access for one full year - although you may finish them earlier. The elementary-level courses, like Experience Astronomy Elementary and Experience Biology Elementary, have no expiration date after purchase. Buy them once, and enjoy them with all of your children in the household. 

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