Trolls World Tour Movie Is Here! (Our Thoughts)

Like most families, we had seen the Trolls World Tour movie available as a limited "at-home" cinema movie engagement through Amazon for the price of about two movie tickets. This would have been an incredible buy for my family, but we had very little internet at the time.

So, when we were approached to ask if we wanted to review it as a Blu-Ray/Combo Pack with our kids (meaning, no internet required) -- I had to say, "Yes!"

Not only did the movie arrive two days ago, it came in a BIG box of goodies from Hasbro, Lego, Just Play, Original Funko, Huuuge Games, The Creme Shop, Puur, and many more.

Just check out my boys unboxing the stuff:

They dove right in, and as part of our Birthday, Fourth of July extravaganza (my spouse and I both have birthday on the 3rd) -- we spent the weekend doing coloring sheets, activities, dancing, putting together the Lego boxes in the package, and -- of course -- watching this amazing film.

What the world needs now?

Before I show you what the boys loved most about the package, I wanted to tell you about this film. We are living in some very difficult times. The folks at DreamWorks and Universal could have had no idea how hard this summer was going to be for so many families. Between my work slowing down, the cancellation of our beloved camps and family vacations, some unexpected expenses (like a giant tree that had to come down in the yard), and the drain from hearing the news every day, we needed something positive in our lives.

This movie could very well be one of the bright, glittery things your family needs. In addition to some of the most breathtaking animation I've seen in years (and which gets two thumbs up from my older boys who came into the room at several points during the film), the music in this movie is truly incredible and the plot is essential.

Trolls: World Tour Summary

The movie follows Poppy, Branch, and the rest of your favorite Trolls, but it also introduces your kids to the power of finding what makes you special in a diverse world and why everyone's differences are needed. The movie explores the six "realms" of Trolls, including Funk, Country, Techno, and Classical. Each realm has its own style, own gifts, and own special kind of Trolls. As the movie goes along, we learn that what once kept each realm apart is also keeping the world from being its best, and the characters work together to find the perfect harmony that only comes when you embrace each other (including our differences) and let one another shine in our own way.

This film is available now on Blu-Ray, 4K, DVD, and digital formats, including a second "Dance Party" edition of the movie, which lets you learn and apply difference dance moves and songs throughout the movie. Kids will get up, get shaking, and really have a great time with this movie. It's something you'll want to watch again and again, especially now when kids aren't going to parties or having the same kind of summer they are used to.

If you're looking for a bright spot in your day, this movie may be it! I can't recommend it enough. 

Now, as promised, here are my guys with their favorite part of the big box of stuff they got:

(It took my son ALL day to make this.)

Find the Trolls World Tour Dance Party Edition available now. This movie is such a fun way to dance the summer away!

*Thanks to Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Dreamworks, and the brands mentioned for allowing us this special opportunity. Opinions are our own.