Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Romans bundle from Julie Naturally Review

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Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Romans bundle from Julie Naturally We also looked at the Faith Journeys Bible Study Series: Philippians. Here's what I thought of this resource, designed for homeschooling moms who want to grow their understanding of two very important books in the Bible.

What is the Faith Journeys Bible Study Series?

Created by Julie ... both of the series includes a very user-friendly format to give participants an accessible look at the Bible. For this review, I'm going to focus on the Romans bundle, which is an 8-week study. In this study, you get digital resources, including an overview of how to study, daily Bible passages, access to several weekly videos, memory cards, and some fun little activities, like coloring pages and creative journaling-type tasks.

(The Philippians study is 4 weeks and doesn't come with videos.)

How did I use it?

Admittedly, I'm not really someone who enjoys coloring sheets or more creative journaling practices. I'm not really a journaler, at all, but this study appealed to me as a homeschooling mom for several reasons. One, it didn't take up tons of time. I was able to read the suggested verse, answer the questions, and watch the video in about an hour each week. For a busy mom, this is not an incredible amount of time, and compares to a weekly Bible study with friends.

This was something that was helpful as a week-starter, so that I could be in a good frame of mind for what has been some very tough weeks. With COVID in full effect here, social activities just aren't happening, and this Bible study has been a nice substitute for not having access to a weekly in-person study group. It's also nice that you get to have a video with Julie sharing her thoughts and encouragement.

I didn't use all of the materials. Some were optional. If you were really short on time, you could read the Word, answer the questions, then listen to the videos while washing dishes or in the car. It's possible to squeeze in this very rich and rewarding study in a very limited time budget.

One aspect that I didn't think I'd use but that was very helpful was the weekly memory verses. They are made to print out and put somewhere you'll see. I put mine on my work planner. This gave me additional exposure to the Word and surprisingly helped me learn it better!

Who is this study for?

Both of the Romans and Philippians bundles are ideal for busy moms. While they seem designed for homeschoolers, anyone can grow in their understanding from them. If you're busy but frustrated by a lack of spending time in the Bible, this is a good way to jump-start your habits and get you back where you need to be. Julie's encouraging, non-judgemental tone and helpful questions are incredibly valuable for those seeking to learn more. The coloring pages are an added bonus for those who enjoy relaxing or want to make unique art that ties into the Bible.

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