3 Engaging Ways to Play from Fat Brain Toys

You may not be familiar with Fat Brain Toys and their online store. They boast a "Smarter Way to Play," and I agree! Their toys are completely engaging and, often, educational. We wanted to share a few of the items my kids are enjoying that you might like to use in your home, school, or homeschool.


There are a few products that try to create a tiny building block experience for kids, but Jixelz is unique in a couple of ways. For one, the tiny pieces are shaped more like jigsaw puzzle pieces, so the pieces hold together better. Another cool feature of each Jixelz pack is that, if it shows two different builds, you can do BOTH of the builds at the same time with the same pieces. Often, you'll get a building kit that will show several builds on the front, and the brand of kit only lets you do one at a time; there just aren't enough pieces. 

For this review, we received the Fantasy Friends (unicorn and mermaid) kit. The designs are so cute! 

The instructions are purely visual, so even kids who can't read well can enjoy!

It takes hundreds of small pieces to do each build, but the final builds are larger than those of most building kits! Be sure to keep these out of reach of younger kids who may still put small items in their mouths.

Hey, Clay! Aliens Kit

Sculpting is a fun activity that also teaches important motor skills. The Hey, Clay! Kits combine modeling with an interactive video component that kids access through a tablet or smartphone. My boys spent days working on their Hey, Clay! Aliens Kit, which provided more than enough clay for their projects. When they are all done, they set them out to dry, and the little creations become lightweight, adorable figurines to play with or decorate a room.

As a mom, I loved that the app took them step-by-step through the process, using animations and voice prompts to help them do their best work. This gave me some much-needed free time to do work I needed to do!

Just one of many sets offered in the Hey, Clay! line, the Aliens Kit was one of our best activity experiences of the year! 

Ribbon Ninja

Finally, we want to share a unique way for everyone in the family to get some exercise and work those wiggles out! If remote schooling has your kid in their chair too long, consider this fantastic and affordable game inspired by ninjas but safe for the whole family!

The idea behind Ribbon Ninja is super simple. Just strap on the velcro wrist bands, attach several of your team color ribbons, and try to pull the opponent's ribbons off before they grab yours. This is a game that combines the fun of flag football and capture the flag, but no complicated rules are required. Kids of all age (and parents) can get moving and laughing together within minutes of set up. Take this game to the park for larger groups!

These are just a few of the fun options for families being offered by Fat Brain Toys. Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter to be the first to know about special offers and discounts. 

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*Samples received to review. Opinions are our own.