Eat2Explore Review

By Melissa Batai

As much as I love traveling, I find teaching geography to be a dry, unexciting duty. However, last year I found eat2explore, and suddenly, geography became much more interesting both to me as the teacher and my daughters as students.

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About eat2explore

The eat2explore boxes help you teach geography in a fun, hands-on way while also exposing you to cuisine from around the world.

What Does an eat2explore Box Contain?

Each box focuses on one country. The following are included in every box: 

  • 3 recipes, complete with pictures and instructions 
  • 2 pages of information about the country 
  • A shopping list 
  • A cooking utensil or tool 
  • Herbs and sauces needed for the recipes 
  • Country stickers 
  • A pin of the country’s flag

(You can buy a passport to put the country stickers in as you use each box.)

All you need to do is buy the remaining ingredients needed for each recipe and then have fun cooking up the meals and learning about the culture of that particular country.

How Many Boxes Are There for Different Countries?

There are currently 17 different eat2explore boxes available:

  • Brazil 
  • China 
  • Ethiopia 
  • France 
  • Greece 
  • India 
  • Israel 
  • Italy 
  • Japan 
  • Lebanon 
  • Mexico 
  • Morocco 
  • Peru 
  • Singapore 
  • South Korea 
  • Spain 
  • United Kingdom 
  • USA—North 
  • USA--South

Special Diet Boxes

I love that eat2explore considers that some customers might have special diets, and the company makes accommodations for that.

Vegetarian Boxes

Each box has vegetarian options. For instance, in the Brazil box, there is the recipe for Pasteis (savory meat pastries). However, if you’re vegetarian, the directions suggest that you substitute mushrooms and kale for the ground beef. In the Spain box, you can make the Chicken Paella recipe Vegetable Paella by replacing chicken with artichoke hearts and asparagus.

Gluten-Free Boxes

Eat2explore also offers 12 different gluten-free boxes. They include the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • France
  • Greece
  • India
  • Italy
  • Lebanon
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • USA – South

Specialty Boxes

Besides the regular country boxes, there are also three specialty boxes available:

Explore World Holiday Treats

Would you like to know how other countries celebrate the end of the year holidays? With this box, you and your students will discover how three countries—Japan, Croatia, and Austria—celebrate as well as the typical foods that they eat. Enjoy mochi from Japan, Croatian gingerbread from Croatia, and linzer cookies from Austria.

Explore New York City

This fun box has recipes from three NYC chefs—Daniel Humm, Cedric Vongerichten, and Natasha Pickowicz. If you have an aspiring chef or someone who dreams of going to NYC, this is the perfect box.

Eating Healthy

Introduce your child to healthier eating with this box. Make the following recipes:

  • Fish tacos

  • Vegetarian chili

  • Chicken Cacciatore pasta

How Do You Buy the Boxes?

There are several different subscription options available for eat2explore.

Explore a Country

You can choose to buy individual boxes, one at a time, as you study a particular country or as you have the money to purchase them.

You can also choose to have one box sent to you every month. (Boxes are $24.95 a piece plus $5 shipping.)


Explore a Continent

If you choose Explore a Continent, you can have four boxes shipped to you for one particular continent. (One box a month will ship for four months.) You can pay monthly, or you can prepay for all four months at once and save 10% off all of the boxes.

Explore the World

When you choose Explore the World, you’ll be sent 12 boxes over the next 12 months. If you pay upfront for all of the boxes, you’ll save 15% per box, making the cost just $21.21 per box plus the price of shipping.

You’ll also receive a special collectible eat2explore binder in the first box you receive.

Order Extra Ingredients

The first box we tried was the United Kingdom box. We made the Shepherd’s Pie, and it was delicious. What made it different from the Shepherd’s Pie I normally make was the sauce that came in the box.

Eat2explore allows you to buy just the ingredients from a box, so if I wanted, I could buy that sauce and have it shipped to me so I can make the meal again. You can choose to buy the sauces/seasonings that you want for one particular recipe from a certain country, or you can buy all of the sauces/seasonings from one particular box.

If you add these items onto a box you’re already buying, you won’t be charged extra shipping. Otherwise, you’ll be charged shipping based on the weight of the item.

Final Thoughts

We have used several eat2explore boxes since discovering them last year. They not only serve as a springboard to more geography studies, but they also expose children to different cuisine throughout the world. My girls love making these recipes and trying new food.

(Editor's note: Eat2Explore also features homeschool curriculum ideas and lesson plans beyond what's in the box! See their homeschool page for more info!)

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