Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

As a professional writer and author, I value having a set of writing guides in my office to help me answer the questions that pop up during my work. From grammar issues to the best way to revise, it's often more helpful to consult the experts than do a Google search. That's why I was thrilled to review the Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers, available from Everyday Education. Read more about how to use this book in your homeschool, work, and life!

What is the Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers?

Published by Everyday Education, this massive guide has everything you need to know about grammar, writing, and written communication. It's an excellent handbook and something I would consider more of a resource manual than a book that you would read through end-to-end.

It is designed for kids in the 6th - 12th grade, and even into college. I would suggest you have it in your home for any grade that's starting to write, however. It's beneficial to look things up as your child encounters is in their writing journey. 

The book is written in two parts, with the first containing many samples of excellent writing and outlines for different types of writing. The second part is more of a grammar, style, and usage guide. It goes over the mechanics. 

How did we use Excellence in Literature Handbook in our homeschool?

As I shared, this can be used as a reference guide that parents can turn to with writing questions. It's also a handy tool for reviewing children's writing (or your own.) The guidelines provided give me a nice frame of reference to help me when remembering all the things to check in a written piece. With tips for giving feedback, it can help boost your confidence as a parent or instructor so that your evaluations encourage your child, not just correct them.

Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers Review Summary

We reviewed this book in PDF form, but it is available in print. I would recommend making it available for everyone in the family to use, as needed. Place it on a bookshelf next to your thesaurus and dictionary! With so much more than writing "mechanics," this book has a wide range of know-how to learn, even for adults. Topics include things like punctuation but also logic (inductive and deductive reasoning) and the best ways to read and think critically about various types of writing. If you've always felt intimidated by poetry, for example, this guide can help you frame the task in a healthy way with plenty of support to help you grow in your knowledge and appreciation of all kinds of writing. 

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