Failure Free Reading Home Edition Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Does your child read some, but struggle with comprehension? Is your child dealing with any language or reading challenges, or even have an individualized learning plan for their special needs? If so, your family may be a good fit for the Failure Free Reading Home Edition program, which I recently had access to through the Homeschool Review Crew. I'll share more about the Failure Free Reading Home Edition so you can decide if it's right for you!

What is Failure Free Reading Home Edition?

The program is an online learning tool designed for kids that know some words or can sound out phonics but that may struggle to understand what they have read or remember words after they have read them. This fast-acting program helps build confidence in even reluctant readers and uses a variety of learning inputs to help kids learn according to their preferred senses or methods. 

Parents can choose to have the child do all of the learning online, with self-paced courses and talking lessons or they can be more involved with a scripted lesson plan that the parent reads aloud and uses with the child before having the child go on with the online software exercises. This works for families with time to spend helping, or even for those who don't. 

The program takes between 20 and 30 minutes per day. If a child struggles, however, a parent may sit with them and make sure they are able to follow the prompts and click the right buttons. Generally, kids who are at the level to read the exercises enough to work through them have the readiness to use the system buttons. 

Is Failure Free Reading Home Edition all online?

While the lessons are 100% computer-based, there are some downloadable supplements to help take the learning off-line. These are good for reinforcing what was learned. 

Who is Failure Free Reading Home Edition for?

Beginning readers (1st grade) and up to college-age can use this. It spans the entire reading scope, from helping first "phonics-only" readers understand what they've read to helping high schoolers learn words for the ACT and SAT. When your child uses it for the first time, a diagnostic test will tell the software where to start your child. 

This program has the best application for kids who sound out words but don't comprehend them. it's ideal for those with learning difficulties, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. Deaf and hard-of-hearing children can also use this program. The videos include ASL and closed captioning. 

What is Failure Free Reading Home Edition like?

A sample activity will look like this:

1. Your child logs on and is presented with a diagnostic test. If this has already been done, they will move on to their first "Joseph's reader." The readers are a sentence or paragraph of text that will be read to them aloud from the computer in a pleasing and relatable male voice.

2. Your child will be shown the text and asked to repeat it.

3. Your child will be shown the text and asked to click on various words as they are spoken. If they get a word wrong, they are gently corrected, told what word they did click on, and asked to try again.

4. Your child will progress through similar activities until they demonstrated comprehension of all the words in the reader. Then, they will be given a new reader.

5. The parents can followup by viewing reports at any time. Here is a picture of the first report we received, after doing just one lesson!

This program lacks the music, cartoons, and games of other programs, and is strictly a learning module with few distractions. I like this, because many children struggle to pay attention, and only have 20 minutes of attentive time in one sitting. This program maximizes their time to get right to the learning and guides them directly through the module in a way they are likely to follow through on and actually learn something. 


For the struggling reader, this program has a lot to offer. From simple on-screen instructions to the resources for those hard-of-hearing, it's a unique way to boost your child's confidence while addressing their comprehension obstacles. Parents will appreciate that it is basically plug-and-play, but that you can get more involved with the learning if that's right for your family. 

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