Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Of all the things I thought my kids would be able to access during the home-bound months of the pandemic, a high-quality mixed martial arts class was not one of them. You can imagine my delight, then, when we were asked to review Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos with my younger two kids. My 7 and 10-year-old adored this learning series. Read on to see what we thought of the Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos Preschool Mixed Martial Arts curriculum!

What is Family Mixed Martial Arts?

Taught with the same learning principles used in founder Niall Yamane's in-person studio in Alabama, the videos you access with your membership cover several key values, including self-defense, posture, respect, strength, independence, good sportsmanship, love, and self-discipline. The courses are taught by Ms. Cheryl, a cheerful and warm woman who demonstrates all of the activities and guides kids through each step of the lessons. She does the videos with a child helper, and she also gives parents a role in helping be partners for their own children when two people are needed for the activities.

How are the videos taught?

Everything is explained and demonstrated before kids begin. The self-defense methods are easy to understand, empower kids to stay safe, and aren't presented in a frightening way. In fact, my kids felt empowered when learning a new move, and I felt like they were safer just by learning!

There are warm-ups, tips for proper posture and form, lessons on character development, and stretching. The kids build muscles and gain flexibility and coordination through the fun games they play at the end of each lesson. Because of this physical component, the course could easily stand in for a physical education credit. 

Here is a sample of what kids will learn in the first ten lessons:

How did we use this course?

Both my 7-year-old and 10-year-old enjoyed this course. We would use this as our afternoon physical activity, giving them space in our living room to work out in front of the TV. While the course does recommend you use some props or accessories, she shares several substitutions you can use if you don't have everything at home. (An example would be a towel put on the floor instead of a boogie board.)

My kids really did well with this, and when they had mastered one lesson, we were able to move on to the next. While we haven't finished the course yet, they do get a printable certificate when they are done!

Here is a sample activity for you to see:

Family Mixed Martial Arts Videos Review Summary

While I never dreamed we would have access to such a great resource living in a very rural part of Nebraska, the video course is of such high quality -- I don't feel like my kids are missing out, at all. Because the teacher is so personable, and there is an opportunity for parents to interact, it's quite the social activity. Kids learn more than just show to protect themselves physically, they learn to use their voice, respect others, and live in an honorable way. 

With fun games and activities that even the smallest kids will find appealing, the life lessons come easily and in no way feel forced. This is a gem of a program, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to give their young children an advantage in life, while helping them learn to love others.

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