Maestro Master Explore the Composers Game Review


Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Are you wishing your children were more aware of music history? Do you value music education, but don't have time for one more subject in your homeschool? We were delighted to have the chance to review the Maestro Mastery - Explore the Composers Game from Byron's Games this month. I'll share what my kids (and I) loved about this simple yet innovative way to play -- and learn. 




What is Maestro Mastery?


This is a simple matching card game, where kids flip over cards to find two of the same composer. Each card features a composer, with one of the two matching cards including a brief biography of that composer. If you visit the Byron's Games website (link is included in the game instructions), you can also get a direct link to a YouTube video to hear the composer's work.


The person with the most matches at the end of the game wins. There are also winners for the most matches in a time-period category.


How do kids learn with Maestro Mastery?


First, children learn by seeing things over and over. By using this simple, yet effective card game approach, children hear the names of the composers over and over, plus see their faces! When a match is made, listening to the song helps kids become familiar with their work. Kids might already know some of the songs, so making a connection with a real person further reinforces learning.



How long does Maestro Mastery take?


The game comes with two decks of cards. You can use one deck for a shorter game with younger kids, or use both decks for a longer game with older kids. We were just fine using the one card desk with my 7, 10, and 14-year-old kids. It took about 20 minutes to play and was a fun way to learn with the kids while reliving some of my own favorite music memories. 


The game also comes with a timeline so the children can see where various artists fit into history. Each period of history has a designated color code that matches with the cards. This helps tie together the learning in a way that makes sense. Kids can also learn about countries through this activity, as well! 


Maestro Mastery Explore the Composers Game Review Summary


Sure, this card game is a simple way to get kids learning about composers, and it's something that should be added to every music history or appreciation course. However, it's also just a fun game that connects families and teaches kids more about the world. For those who are looking for a different way to add depth to music history, this is the game for you. I especially loved the biographies of women composers who weren't always properly credit for their work but were honored for their accomplishments in this game. 


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