The Crafty Classroom Tracing Bundle Review

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Does your child need a little more practice with their handwriting? Do they struggle to improve their fine motor skills? We had the chance to review the Tracing Bundle from The Crafty Classroom this month, and my child really enjoyed the variety of the printable pages. Here's what you should know about this downloadable product with hundreds of pages to trace and color!

What is the Crafty Classroom Tracing Bundle?

This bundle includes TWO products in one, and provides hours and hours of tracing opportunities. The Editable Name Tracing Pack requires you to use free PDF software to edit the files to feature your child's name. Then, you'll be able to pick a theme from bugs, unicorns, or space dinosaurs to print pages for your kid to trace. The edit process is easy, since it uses auto-fill. You can type your kid's name in once to get all the pages edited.

This part of the bundle focuses on first name, middle name, last name, and full name, so your child can eventually write their full name when asked! Also there is the opportunity to print everything out to write directly on, OR you can choose to print and laminate the sheets for repeated use with a dry erase marker. These are extremely flexible.

The second part of the bundle is the Trace PDF, which was actually our favorite. It included a wide variety of theme sheets to help your child learn to write through tracing. These included numbers, letters, holidays, days, months, sight words, and even more basic tracing skill sheets that focused on lines, paths, and shapes. Since there are so many activities here, you can use it with kids who are just starting to hold a pencil and use them through 3rd grade or even higher with kids who want a fun way to color and practice words like "shamrock" or "rainbow."

How we use The Crafty Classroom Tracing Bundle in our homeschool

I have a 7-year-old who spends hours drawing and coloring, but he needs a little work on drawing letters and numbers the right direction. Through repeated use of these worksheets, he is having a fun time doing his daily art while also getting confidence in his writing form. There are hundreds of sheets here, so we do a few a day. He doesn't feel like it's "school" at all -- just coloring. And I feel good knowing that he's getting a structured way to build those fine motor skills.

You could focus on the holiday themed worksheets, months, days, or even alphabet for a supplement to your existing homeschool program. Or, just keep these on hand for when your child really doesn't want to "do school" but needs something to keep them busy. I think the name sheets are a really smart way to teach the name writing, as well. If your child already knows their name, use it to practice and help them improve their handwriting. 

The Craft Classroom review summary

With a wide variety of worksheets and a bright and cheery theme, these are a must-have for parents who need a fun way to help engage their kid in writing better or simply building basic fine motor skills. With hundreds of pages in each product, it's a very good value, as well. 

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