The Reading Game, 2nd Edition Review

The Reading Game review

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If you have a child who is on the cusp of reading, but just isn't making the progress you'd like, you may be a good fit for The Reading Game, 2nd Edition, created by Author Kenneth Hodkinson and made by Allsaid & Duun, LLC. This game is simple to master and really provides some excellent opportunities for sight word growth. Read this review to see what my family thought of this program. 

What is The Reading Game?

Designed for kids as soon as they can recognize and understand the alphabet, The Reading Game is a simple matching game. Kids master the words on the cards before moving on to new sets. As they become more familiar with new words, their reading comprehension grows. The Reading Game is a whole language reading approach that can be used with kids as old as teenagers who struggle to read fluently.

The Reading Game review

What is included in The Reading Game?

The set comes with six each of the memory game cards, picture flashcards, and storybooks. Instructions are also included to help parents or teachers guide the learning.

The Reading Game review

How do you play The Reading Game?

Gameplay is simple. Start with the first deck of cards (the red deck) and separate out the cards with the number 1 on them. Ask your child if they know these words. If they can't immediately tell you what the words are, they need to work on them. Place the cards face down, and have the child flip sets of two over to make a match. After making all the matches, review the cards again. Only AFTER the child can read back the words without hesitation, can you go on to the 2nd set of red cards. Repeat for cards 2 and 3, and so on. The directions also recommend that you continue to review the older cards by asking your child to read them, so that you build a cumulative knowledge of the words.

After each set, you'll review a flashcard story with them. After the entire deck of a color is learned, you  can read the storybooks. 

The picture below is of me quizzing my son on the cards he needs to learn next. Notice that the cards are very clear to read. 

The Reading Game review

How did we use this with our kids?

My 7-year-old can read several words and also sounds things out phonetically. His confidence in short and frequently-used words, however, is lacking. He often gets discouraged and won't sound out words, so we decided to try this game. I started doing it with him for about 15 minutes each day. Then, when he grew comfortable, I had my 10-year-old take my place to play the game with him every day. Both children loved it; the older one felt helpful and even told me how proud he was when giving me status reports on his younger brother. The younger child is now reading many more words, even after just a couple of weeks using the game.

The Reading Game review

The Reading Game Review Summary

This systematic approach toward memorizing and learning sight words is one that actually works. Kids will appreciate that it plays like a typical memory/match game, and parents will love that it's played the same way each day. Easy to plan for, this should make an easy addition to your reading/literacy program. It really works! 

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