Figures in Motion: Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Has history study felt a little lifeless at your house? What if there was a way to bring important people in the past back to life? While you can't get a time machine for your homeschool, you can put together some unique and engaging articulated puppets with the Figures in Motion: Famous Figures of the Early Modern Era book. This simple solution offers hours of fun and learning, and it takes little to know prep time to use!

What is Figures in Motion?

This publisher has put together several books with famous people of the past as paper dolls. There are two sets of dolls for each figure, one with color added and the other that you can color yourself. Kids can cut the pieces out, then use a single-hole punch and brass "brads" to put the puppets together. The result is a very delightful way to re-enact things from the past or simply just play.

Who is included in the book?

There are many famous faces and even a few that kids won't already know, including:

  • Mary, Queen of Scots
  • James I
  • Samuel de Champlain
  • Queen Nzinga
  • Shah Jahan
  • Pocahontas
  • Rembrandt
  • Louis XIV
  • Isaac Newton
  • William Penn
  • Peter the Great
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Ch'ien-lung
  • Captain James Cook
  • Catherine the Great
  • William Wilberforce
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Robert Fulton

  • How did we use this?

    The puppets are a fun way to add interest to any history lesson. Let older kids make their own, or help younger kids with the cutting and punching so that they can color and build a puppet for their early history lessons. The paper is thick and of high quality, so your puppets can last a good, long time with proper care.

    The book also comes with mini biographies and additional reading lists, so you can learn more about each figure.

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