One More Story Review

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We have a lot of books in our house. Some are new. Some are classics. What I don't always have is time to read more than a book or two a day to my youngest son. I also don't always want to read the same book multiple times in a day. This past month, we received a one-year subscription to One More Story to review. I can't wait to tell you how it's boosted my 7-year-old's love of reading independently.

One More Story

What is One More Story?

The online service gives you access to a huge collection of books. Some of the books are among our most-loved. These books can either be read independently, without narration and at your child's own speed, or you can choose to have them read to your child, complete with sound effects, music, and professional voice acting.

How can I access One More Story?

The service can be used through a web browser, with Chrome and Safari preferred. You can also use the Apple iOS app to use it on an iPad. Once the parent registers, you can use the account right away. It doesn't ask for student information, and it can be used by two users at a time with the same login information. Internet access is required while using the app; the books aren't downloaded or stored to your device.

How did we use this in our homeschool?

Honestly, this service was one of my favorites over the past few weeks, because my son really does enjoy books and screentime, and this melded the two. I walked him how to use the navigation buttons for the first book, and then he was off on his own! 

I have him do two books a day independently when I need to be working on something else. He really enjoys the books, much more so than when we are looking at regular ebooks. Because the books are a mix of old and new classics, of high quality, and narrated with such professional quality, he gets fully engaged. He might even ask to read his One More Story books instead of watching TV!

What books are included?

There are dozens of books I would consider "treasures" and some that were new to me. The photo below shows a sampling of what you'll find. If your child is like mine, they will find some that are their own personal favorites and read them over and over, as well.

Parents can log into the parent dashboard and see what books their child has read at any time. This is a neat way to get more book exposure, from some great authors, with little commitment and a lot of fun!

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