Super Wubble and Groovy Wubble Review

We received sample Wubbles to review, but our opinions are our own. Our kids really loved these toys, and I see them providing hours of fun this spring and summer.

Super Wubble

This wasn't our first Wubble, but it was one of the best-loved! This is a nice big size, perfect for two kids to play with.  They had a good time with it on our enclosed trampoline, which is a good way to play with it for a long time. While the Super Wubbles are considerably sturdy, you'll still need to keep them away from sharp things on the ground. Playing on the trampoline gave us many days to use it without fear of it popping! 

The ball is best inflated to 24 to 30 inches and is up to four times stronger than the original. 

Groovy Wubble

This is a very cool-looking Groovy Wubble, with all of the fun play value as the other Wubble balls. It was super stretchy and had a neat tie-dye looking design. (In fact, no two balls are exactly alike!) The brightly colored ball is now my son's favorite Wubble. What's not to love? You don't need a pump -- everything you need to get it ready to play with is included. Also comes with a patch in the case your kids don't listen to you and decide to take it somewhere in the yard with sharp things.  

You can find these toys where Wubbles are sold, as well as Walmart and Target!