Wise Up from Positive Action Bible Curriculum Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew. 

If you are looking for a way to discuss Proverbs with your kids, but don't want to do all the lesson prep, I have a great review for you today. The Wise Up: Wisdom in Proverbs curriculum from Positive Action Bible Curriculum is made for busy families who want to dive deep without having to go through an incredible amount of prep-work. See what this course is all about in our review.

What is Wise Up?

Designed to help approach the large amount of information included on Proverbs in a targeted, family-friendly way, Wise Up is a 35-lesson curriculum that can be used in a year. It includes a Parent/Teacher binder and a student guide. The weekly schedule is just a suggestion, however. You can do it 3 days a week, 4, or even 5. There are schedules for all these options to help you plan out your year.

The teaching manual (shown above), includes sections for teaching material, testing material, and the answer key. 

What's it like?

So, there is a lot of really thoughtful content in this course. In the section on the fool and the wise man, for example, there are example of how people react, according to wisdom or foolishness. The Bible scripture is broken down into actionable advice, from attitudes and home life to what we say and how we approach sin. There is a section on accomplishing tasks and setting goals. The way the program takes a very famous verse and makes it life-applicable is truly amazing. I learned so much from this course, as well.

This is a good read-aloud course that can be done with the entire family. I just suggest that each student have their own consumable workbook. If you do home church or Bible study, it's really all you need for a good evening of discussion.

Topics covered include:

  • Character, including integrity, love, gentleness, meekness, goodness, joy, temperance, and long suffering. 
  • Respecting your parents
  • Staying in God's will
  • Keeping promises
  • Focusing on good thoughts
  • many more! 

The program uses a very methodical approach, although it is not boring or dry. Kids who go through this should have deeper thoughts regarding knowledge/facts, comprehension of God's word, analysis, discernment, evaluation, and life application. There is a good amount of emphasis on memorizing of Scripture, too, so if this has been a challenge for your family, you'll get some of that included. 

Final thoughts

We are a busy family that uses many curriculum products that integrate Biblical truths. As a standalone option, however, this supplements our lifestyle and our goals quite nicely. The themes of goodness, fruits of the spirit, and the analytical/logical approach fit right in with how I want my kids to learn and grow. If you've struggled to find a Bible study that can be used with all ages, including adults, but is as challenging as it is lively, this could be what you're looking for. 

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