Enter to Win Homeschool Hacks Book

Looking for a no-nonsense look at homeschooling for all families, including those who work or run businesses? Homeschooling doesn't look the same for everyone, and in my latest book HOMESCHOOL HACKS, I interview real families from all walks of life who want the best for their kids.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • How many hours a day kids really need to learn
  • How to pick a curriculum
  • Your homeschool "style"
  • How to work and homeschool (yes, it can be done!)
  • How to socialize your kids
  • Why you can continue to homeschool in high school
  • What temporary homeschooling looks like
  • and more!

Enter to win a copy in the form below. If you don't plan on homeschooling, consider it for a friend or loved one.

Can't wait? You can order HOMESCHOOL HACKS here. If you purchase a copy and then end up winning, I'll refund you the cost you paid for the book via an Amazon gift card! (U.S. entries, ages 18 and up only, please.)