The HomeScholar LLC College Launch Solution Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew. 

Many of the arguments I hear from people against homeschooling is that parents won't be able get kids college-ready. As a mom who has gotten her child through college (and on to a thriving career), I know that this is false. I also know that it takes solid resources to navigate high school. When I was given the chance to review 6 months of access to The HomeScholar LLC's College Launch Solution, I was pretty excited because, while I feel confident in my ability to get my kids on to college, I knew there might be things I was missing and I loved the idea of having many tools in one place.

Here is what I thought of the College Launch Solution. You can see if it is right for your family, too!

What is College Launch Solution?

Developed by The HomeScholar LLC and led by Lee Binz (a long-time homeschooling expert), this dashboard contains tools, tips, articles, and videos to address many of the aspects of homeschool administration with an eye on going to college after 12th grade. This program also came with live seminars and coaching sessions.

Within the dashboard, when you first login, you'll get a view of the core training. I recommend you look these resources over before you do anything else. You'll see tabs for teens, parents, guidance counselors/coaches, and a basic tab for understanding admissions. Each of the tabs has at least one recorded webinar video with transcript and additional resources.

Now, on the side, you'll see a list of topics to explore within the dashboard. Each of these topics has their own set of tabs to look through, all with more videos, transcripts, and resources. There is quite a lot of information here. While you could go through everything step-by-step, some of the topics may not be relevant to you in your stage of planning, or you may already have a good grasp on the info.

Let's take a look at one area of interest: Paying for College. When you click on it, you'll get a view of the various resources within, including winning merit scholarships, finding private scholarships, and applying for financial aid. This section, like most on the site, includes a webinar with transcript that are available to only members, as well as links to other resources. These other resources are both a mixture of blog posts and ebooks which may not be member-only. Some of the resources are free for anyone to view.

The College Launch Solution is a one-time purchase of $497. This gets you lifetime access. (While I only got 6-months to try the product, families who purchase would have no expiration date to their access.)

To summarize, the College Launch Solution comes with 8 core training modules and additional "how to plan for college" tools, including a community coaching group. There may also be additional limited-time bonuses, depending on when you buy and what promotions they have running at the time. 

Add-ons you can buy

If you need additional help, you can get access to either group or private coaching. The trial I used included group coaching, which means I could sit on a monthly Q&A webinar and get access to a private Facebook group. This would be $27 a month after the first 30-days. It comes with Silver Care Club membership, which has many additional tools for high schoolers, planners, transcripts, and checklists. 

For the Private coaching, you'll get everything in the group coaching plan, plus access to the Gold Care Club membership site, a monthly training webinar, and weekly private calls with Lee. This is $97 a month after the first 30-days. 

If you want to buy the College Launch Solution, you have to pick either the Group or Private coaching tools. Then, you can cancel the add-on to just get access to the $497 core materials without additional monthly fee. 

How did we use this with our family?

One thing that we tried to do was go through the teen materials to help get our 11th grade son on track for college. We have been doing many of the tasks already, since this will be our 2nd child entering college from homeschool. Still, it was nice to have a workbook to hand him and have him work through the tasks and activities to help him take some ownership over the process. In the end, the kid has to put in the work, and it can't be all on Mom or Dad. 

The way the materials are written, kids will feel empowered to take responsibility for much of the college path, instead of waiting for things to just happen. I think this was a highlight of the program and something that can be replicated with every child in a family who purchases this product, since you can have all of your kids go through with the lifetime access. 

College Launch Solution Summary Review

Whether you are new to homeschooling, or have been doing it for years, it can be hard to plan ahead for all the steps needed for college. The College Launch Solution has many of the resources you need in one place, and offers ongoing support through their community, group, and private coaching. For parents who have paid for private college coaching in the past, this is a much more affordable way to get similar information, and it's geared specifically to homeschoolers.

The sheer amount of information may seem overwhelming at first, and the site does link to many free resources within its modules that are available to everyone. However, the navigation is seamless, and the unique member-only tools are valuable enough to make it a good buy for parents with at least one student headed to college. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for college planning, this is something to consider. 

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