Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and Avengers Review

Thanks to Wubble for sending us products to review. Opinions are our own

We have just a few more nice weeks outside here in Nebraska, and my kids were growing bored doing the same old things. We were sent three of the Wubble Rumblers products to try out, one WWE Superstars character and two Avengers characters. I'm going to tell you how these toys hold up and what you can expect if you buy them.

Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and Avengers characters review

First, we received one Wubble Rumblers Spider-Man, Hulk, and Daniel Bryan. My kids took just minutes to blow them up with the included small air pump. Then, they took them out to the trampoline for some fun! (Our house is too small to really play with these, they are so big!)

Just like in a real wrestling ring, my boys jumped, punched, tossed, and wrestled. I couldn't believe how well these toys took a beating! Honestly, they were pretty large, too. My 7-year-old is small for his age, but it was almost as big as him. Even my 10-year-old had fun with it! (These toys are recommended for ages 6 and up.)

These hold air really well, and while we were careful not to place them on any sharp surfaces or near pointy sticks or edges, they will easily be one of our favorite Wubble products due to the overall versatility in design and durability. They especially appeal to the rough-and-tumble types of play that are common with the boys in my household.

You can find these Wubble toys at Target! Also included in the Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars line is the Randy Orton®, Roman Reigns® and The Undertaker® figures. The Avengers line includes the two we played with and Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. All of the characters can be inflated to 3 feet tall and are squishy and durable for hours and hours of fun. 

We will probably let the boys keep playing with these until the weather turns cold, then deflate them and store them for later. The air can be easily let out of the hole in the back, so you can put them away for a rainy day!