Bible Breakdowns Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Are you looking for a way to study the Bible more effectively? This month, we took a look at Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School. See what we thought of this handy learning tool in our review. 

What are Bible Breakdowns?

This is a very comprehensive set of study outlines to be used for both the Old Testament and New Testament (sold separately). They are colorful, and come as a digital product, so you can print them out and use them as you wish in your homeschool, Bible Study, or Sunday School.

Each book of the Bible has its own printable page(s). Included for each is:

  • Brief summary
  • Number of chapters
  • Type of work
  • Date written
  • Period covered
  • Author(s)

Each book and chapter, along with verses, are listed, with a brief overview of what happens in them. Notable Bible stories are in a blue font, so you can easily find them. The most popular verses for each book are included in a section at the bottom of the page. 

How do we use these?

There are so many ways to put these to use, from having them printed and laminated for your home study library to having them for school or church reference, or for independent study for kids. You will use these again and again. They are not only very simple to reference, but they are beautiful, too! The super-colorful printouts are bold and make studying the Bible a simplified experience.

Since this is such a large product, you might not want to print them all out at once. (They are best used as color prints, but if you are like us, and you only can afford so many at a time, just start with the books you'll use first, or print out either the Old Testament or New Testament. In time, you'll have them all printed for use in your home or church.

Our family used these specifically by printing them out for each of the books they are studying in their high school Bible courses. I print them and they put them in their study Bibles for reference as they learn. I really find them to be a great help to my kids! 

It is a product designed for Christians of any denomination.

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