Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey Review

It's rare that we do a video game review, in part because there are just few games that I feel like the whole family can enjoy. Fortunately, Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey* appeared on the scene, and it is bringing my boys together in a fun new way.

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey Review

My 14-year-old son shares his thoughts after trying this game for a weekend on our PS4:

"It’s a fun game that’s very easy to get into. The 3D aspect takes another step that gets your attention. Just like the original one, the puzzles are still fun yet challenging and well-paced. 

I love getting to follow Bub and Bob through exotic locations, like a desert oasis or a tropical island. Combined with the upbeat soundtrack, it increases the fun! And it’s always fun trying to get all three stars on every level. 

Infinity mode stays fun and encourages some nice quick thinking. I quite enjoyed how you can make trick shots by shooting behind the bubbles. And it’s fun to compete with others online. VR or not you’ll find this game enjoyable!"

More about the game

After 35 years, TAITO and Survios have teamed up to bring Puzzle Bobble back to console in stunning three-dimensional worlds filled with 100 vibrant puzzles. Help the team get back to their human selves by winning levels and solving puzzles. The game features three engaging game modes: 
  • Story Mode - Solve up to 100 three-dimensional puzzles
  • Infinite Mode - Fast-paced 1v1 online battle
  • Duel Mode - Dynamic 1v1 online battle
The only drawback to this game is that only one person can play at a time in your home, but there are options to play online. For families who like to play cooperatively, this limits the possibilities, but we still had a very good time cheering each other on, swapping out players to get through the puzzles, and solving problems as a family.

It's rated E for everyone, which is always nice. Very few of the games that my younger kids like are actually challenging enough for adults. Because you can pick up and play without much time learning the controls, it's also ideal for casual gamers, like me! The controls are very simple, and there's an infinity mode to play longer while you get your skills leveled up. 

Finally, the graphics are colorful and adorable. We really liked the Japanese styling of this game. And it's accessible for color-blind players with settings to accommodate. 

See the trailer here:

The game is available for PS4, PS5, and PlayStation VR. Learn more at the official website. 

*Review code received to try the game. Opinions are our own.