Reading Kindgom: Spelling Ninja Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew. 

Does your child struggle to spell? We tested out the Spelling Ninja online program from Reading Kingdom with our elementary school child this month. Read to see what we loved about this offering and if it will work for your own kid!

What is Spelling Ninja?

Just one of a few programs from Reading Kingdom, Spelling Ninja focuses just on spelling. It's a typing-based, online software. Your child doesn't need a pen or paper to participate; in fact, they are given the option of typing from a keyboard or by mouse-clicking on letters on a virtual keyboard on the screen. (We chose the first option.)

There are 15 "lessons" in all. As your child progresses through the levels, they will earn a trophy icon next to their progress report line.

My son completed the entire course in a few weeks. Before that, he had been struggling through a workbook spelling course.

Here is what a lesson looks like:

In this first photo, you can see the sentence that the child will be asked to rewrite from memory.

This second photo is of the screen where the child can type in words from memory to see that they spell them correctly.

Unlike a traditional spelling program, where a child may be presented lists to memorize and be tested on later in the week, Spelling Ninja uses real-time assessment to see if your child can spell words correctly from short-term memory. Over time, these words become part of their permanent vocabulary. 

My child really enjoyed this program! 

Spelling Ninja Summary Review

If there was anything I would like to see added to this program, it would be an ability to see exactly what my child learned. The reports show that he passed each level, but I don't really know what's in each level. Likewise, the excel spreadsheet reporting function, just shows the days he worked on and completed each session. I don't have any detail on what was included in the session.

I would still recommend this program as a fun way to level-up spelling skills and even improve reading outcomes. I'm not sure how it would fit into a larger spelling or language arts curriculum, however, as I'm not aware of the exact word lists or patterns covered by the program. 

My son did enjoy this activity very much. It was a nice way to break up traditional workbook studies, and I feel his spelling really did improve as a result. Parents looking for something different or who are dealing with reluctant spellers should be pleased. 

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