Roar Like a Lion Devotional for Kids Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Has the past few months really stressed your family out? While it can be hard to talk about fear and what to do when we are uncertain, there's a new devotional for kids that handles these topics beautifully. Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith by Tommy Nelson Books is a simple devotional for children that parents will also enjoy reading. Here's more about the little book that's been changing our perspective in uncertain times.

What is Roar Like a Lion?

Levi Lusko writes this simple but powerful devotional for kids ages 6 to 10. It's so well-written and applicable to real life, however, that I wouldn't hesitate to have older kids or even adults read along. This was used as a bedtime read for my kids ages 8 and 11, and my husband and I found it to be reassuring for us, as well!

Topics covered include dealing with peer pressure, how to handle fears about friends, what you can do to get over disappointments, and why and how God has you protected during even your most difficult trials. Some of the stories were less applicable than others. (Ones that addressed school life particularly were easily adapted to be useful to our homeschool life.)

The themes are big, so even if the details don't quite fit into anything your kids have experienced, parallels can be drawn for rich discussion around trials they may be going through now or in the future.

Never boring, the language is light-hearted, even when discussing trouble. The illustrations may be my favorite part, however. Done in amazing full-color designs with a timelessness that will keep this book fresh for years, it kept my kids' attention and made them want to read along.

In addition to the stories and Bible verses, there are some action items and prayers to help take the learning to the next level. Kids can get as involved as they feel comfortable doing. 

How you can use this

This is a 90-day devotional, but since the topics may spark some active conversation (that could potentially last for hours), feel free to space it out as you see fit. At a minimum, it could be used for a weekly home Bible study or a fun summer study. 

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