The Critical Thinking Co: Building Thinking Skills® Beginning 2 Review


I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew. 

My youngest son is starting to read and reason and do more worksheets during the day, but we wanted to prioritize logic and critical thinking early on. That's why I was thrilled to learn we would be reviewing the Building Thinking Skills® Beginning 2 workbook from The Critical Thinking Co.™. Learn what it covers and why we love it in this review!

Who is Building Thinking Skills® Beginning 2 for?

While the workbook is made for preschool and kindergarten students. Before beginning this book, make sure your child understands basic concepts covered in the first book. These include colors, geometric shapes, types of lines, position, etc. We used this with our late-blooming 1st grader who is not yet reading independently and has some eye-tracking and communication delays. It would be appropriate for any child ages 4-7 who tends to "guess" on answers rather than thinking logically through the steps of problem-solving.

If your child doesn't know how to read yet (which if you are using this for younger kids, they won't), be prepared to sit with them and coach them through the activities. (I recommend this anyway, as these exercises may seem odd to a child who has never done this type of work before; once they work through a type of problem, they recognize what they are to do, and it gets easier.)

How long does each worksheet take? If your kid is like my kids, mere minutes, if that. A few worksheets can easily be worked through in 5-10 minutes, leaving kids feeling confident in new reasoning skills they might not even realize they have strengthened. The worksheets are designed to feel like fun, even though some very critical and essential logic and reasoning milestones are being tested and reached with each page.

How long is this book?

This is a thick book with 240 pages. Even though the worksheets can be done quickly, expect to get a few months out of this, using 2-4 pages a day. (It is sold as a "complete curriculum," but for a 1-2 hours school day, you'd need to do much more than just this book.

You can go at your own pace, though. I like to use the book as a reward for my son sitting through other school activities that he doesn't love as much. It feels like a game to him, and he always looks forward to his time in this book. He often asks for it!

Building Thinking Skills® Beginning 2 Summary Review

Sometimes, you aren't sure how your child will approach a math or language activity, and it can be frustrating to see them guessing or picking them most common answer to just get through the problems. this workbook guides children toward a different approach, a logical, reasoning approach that's necessary for not only test-taking and curriculum mastery, but in life. 

Unlike some other logic exercises, that may be inappropriate for young kids or simply boring, this workbooks has bright, colorful illustrations, interesting scenarios, and clearly-presented options for kids to reason through and pick from. It doesn't feel like work; if logic is a priority for your family, consider the Building Thinking Skills® Beginning 2 workbook as an essential took in reasoning development for your young student. 

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