BUCK Making Cents book Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Money is something we discuss a lot in our home. Admittedly, it's easier to have these talks with the right tools. Buck Academy's BUCK Making Cents for ages 5-10 has opened up topics in a way that's approachable for even the youngest kids. See what we think of this book in our review.

BUCK Making cents is a high-quality hard-backed book with some visual surprises. First, it has a lot of text. (Be prepared to help younger kids read through.) The illustrations ts does have, however, are detailed and include special effects, like the shiny material on the coin pictures.

The book itself goes over the history of each coin (and the dollar), as well as characteristics to tell each apart. Size, materials, and value are discussed. There are many pauses in the text to help check for understanding, too. (These are named clever things like "Dime check," and the author asks kids how many pennies go into a dime, for example.

Neat facts are tucked in, so this will be a good read for a light history refresher. While the book isn't terribly long (just 29 pages), there is a lot packed in. For that reason, the author broke it into short Chapters to guide parents on a good place to stop each reading session.

Oh, and if you're worried about being around to help kids through, you can let them read on their own. While it's always great for parents to be with their kids for learning, the answers for each "check" or printed upside on the same page as the questions. Kids can quiz each other or check their own work, something that's nice if you have them using this book for independent learning.

As a nice alternative to stuffy workbooks that simply present the value of coinage and expect kids to remember, the BUCK Making Cents book really helps kids retain knowledge through its conversational writing style and memorable graphics. I consider this a nice tool to supplement your current math money study, or anytime you want to review the concepts of American currency.

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