WorthyKids The Giving Manger Review


I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

It's common to hear parents telling their kids "remember the reason for the season," but do we follow through with an actionable way for children to do this? We had the chance to review The Giving Manger from WorthyKids in preparation for the upcoming Christmas time. Here's how this unique gift works and why it may be a great future tradition for your home.

What is The Giving Manger?

This product is a book and activity in one. The book guides kids in why we celebrate Christmas, but mainly focuses on how they can use the included baby Jesus figuring, manger, and straw sticks to create a memorably holiday experience that focuses on giving to others, not just on what they will get under the tree.

Here's how it works:

Give The Giving Manger to your kids. I could be a fun unboxing experience or an "early" gift.

Read the book with your family. The story is sweet, but the illustrations are gorgeous! This is not an incredibly long book, but it is impactful. Reread it through the season if you want to help reinforce the principle of giving acts of kindness to others.

Then, come up with some acts of kindness you and your children can do. If you need ideas, WorthyKids has created an optional set of cards, but I'm sure your family can think of some things, too.

Do the act of kindness first. 

Then, place a piece of straw into the little wooden manger. By having the manger somewhere prominently displayed in your home (like on the TV stand or the fireplace or next to their bed on a nightstand), they will see it every day and be reminded of the acts of kindness awaiting for them to do.

As the straw fills up the manger, talk about Jesus and the reason for the season.

When the manger is full, place the baby Jesus into it! You can now look back and know that you have experienced the beauty of Christmas -- love and service to others. 

What I love about this gift

We often get really caught up in making lists of things we want to do for Christmas. Maybe for you, it's recipes or crafts or events to attend. I don't know about your family, but we easily burn out and don't get to half of our list (plus things are really expensive right now.) The Giving Manger gives families a way to interact and celebrate without spending money, and it's a well-constructed beautiful set that will last for years. Get it out every holiday and make this a new tradition for your home!

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