Make Group Gifting Easier this Holiday Season with Memento

Thanks to Memento for letting us know about this amazing service and partnering to share it with you! 

We are part of a few homeschool activities groups where we really appreciate what the teachers and mentors do. Of course, when it comes time to chip in for the gift, we are happy to do our part. Collecting the money and making sure everyone gets the card signed before it's given, however, gets more difficult every year. And with so many of the social distancing rules in place (plus the fact that fewer people are traveling), it can be hard to get everyone together to share a video or personalized note of thanks.

While there are many ways to collect money and buy things, the problem of having a single, personalized note of thanks hasn't been solved... until now. 

What is Memento?

Memento has taken all of the trouble out of group videos this season. Their digital platform lets you (and your friends or family) create the perfect personalized message, even if all of the loved ones are far apart.

How does Memento work?

You can set up the group video project, then invite people to submit their own videos of thanks or appreciation. The messages are easily put together and edited to make a nice final video you can send to anyone in the world. 

This video would pair nicely with a gift card or other virtual present. It cuts down on the back and forth between loved ones to get their video clips sent so you can edit. It also requires almost no technical skills. Video editing is simple, and you can edit as many times as needed to get that perfect message.

How can you use Memento?

Memento is great for making Hannukah memory videos, best New Year's moments montages, or capturing each of your long-distance family members singing their favorite Christmas carols. Memento can be used long after the holiday season, too.

Ideas for group videos include:

  • Happy retirement videos from all your employees and staff
  • Birthday videos
  • Virtual baby shower and baby birth announcement videos
  • Customer testimonial videos for your business
Here's are some sample videos to see how it looks.

What does Memento cost?

You can sign up for a 3-day free trial to give Memento a try. After that, pricing is very affordable for a monthly subscription that lets you make up to 60-minute videos with all kinds of neat features. (Businesses may want to look at their premium plan which lets you remove Memento branding and download videos, too.) 

If your group, family, or business wants to say something special this season, why not say it with Memento? Collaborating on the perfect message of peace and joy has never been this simple -- or fun!

Check out Memento here.